Apple set to release phone with two sim cards

Apple might launch a phone that holds two separate sim cards.

Dual sim phones, what’s the deal?

Apple are in the process of releasing its first ever dual sim-carded phone in 2018, meaning that anyone with an iPhone X or (yet to be released) iPhone 9, have the opportunity to combine two individual phones in one.

But what is a dual-sim phone and what’s so good about it?

A dual SIM mobile phone is one that holds two SIM cards, and therefore two phone numbers. These two numbers would operate at the same time, using separate calls and text messages. Literally, two phones in one. 

Apple is developing the idea to assist anyone, such as business people, to easily switch to a different number when travelling, without having to swap cards and for people who want to separate work calls from private ones without the hassle of carrying two phones. 

This is a fantastic time-saving method, as current customers are having to constantly switch from one phone to the other to make personal and work calls.

It is also a great time saver and prevents the confusion and possible loss of information (emails and messages) between different phones.

Will Apple ever release it?

Before the launch of the iPhone 8 last year, leaked Apple images of the new device spread, apparently showing a ‘dual-sim feature’ and multiple sim cards surrounding the product.

While the iPhone 8 does not have the dual sim card feature, Apple are looking into its new products to add this handy option to phones in the near future.

It's also been discussing and testing the possibility of creating a dual-sim feature for around two years, but technology experts say ‘it’s now or never’ for Apple to add this much needed feature.

Would you ever buy a dual-sim phone, or is this a waste of Apple’s time?



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    27th Mar 2018
    Dual sim card phones have been around for several years only not with Apple.
    2nd Apr 2018
    Yes duals have been around for years so its nothing new, it might be great for business ppl, but not really necessary for the ordinary person on the block
    27th Mar 2018
    Dual sim phones have been available in Windows phones. I have found them great for travel as could just pop in a local or travel sim. Windows phones are fantastic and user friendly. Only issue is some apps aren't available but there is usually an alternative. Can't understand why everyone prefers to get exploited by Apple.
    27th Mar 2018
    I was just about to write the same but Jackie and Karenglp beat me to it.
    Had a dual SIM phone many years ago, was convenient when I had to carry business phone and a private phone. Saved me carrying two phones, I had my private SIM in one slot and my business SIM in the other.
    28th Mar 2018
    I agree Karenglp.
    It appears that whoever wrote this article has never used an Android as they give you the impression that this is a new break-through in mobile phone technology. LOL
    For the same specs, an Apple phone is much dearer than an Android. If you can afford to buy an Apple phone, you can't complain you're struggling on the pension.
    I have a Xiaomi phone...a Chinese manufactured phone with specs similar or even better than an iPhone. My battery capacity is 50-100% bigger than an iPhone and it cost me a mere $200.
    2nd Apr 2018
    Yes LOL you got that right David, I've just bought an Oppo, but i'm so disappointed, ONly if you have great eyesight are these any good, and its just another glorified camera lol
    Wow that was a good price, :( mine cost me more than will teach me to buy at JB's
    27th Mar 2018
    I will be the first to put my hand up for a giveaway freebie ! But, I will think about whether I should buy one. Sounds good for business people.
    27th Mar 2018
    I have a dual sim card facility with my Motorola 4G mobile phone.
    27th Mar 2018
    I have a Motorola too (and an iPad) and the Motorola is not only very good but it's also much, much cheaper than an iPhone.
    27th Mar 2018
    Gee I've used a dual sim card for many years. However my latest unit is now longer usable in Oz as the second sim card is for 2g only!! Check the specs!

    28th Mar 2018
    They need to fix their lousy batteries . Samsung leaves them for dead . I have a iPhone 7+ I use it less than my lady uses her Samsung,bearing in mind mine cost $1400 hers cost about $400 ,mines dead in 8hrs she gets about 20 hrs solid . My phone is not even one year yet . Bloody disgraceful.
    28th Mar 2018

    turn off some of your apps so that you have the same ones running as in your lady's. Then you can compare apples. I'm not a fan of iphone. Once used the superior samsung until I needed some minor repairs. Sorry but now I use huawei etc

    30th Mar 2018
    iPhones have been the market leader for many years, your current mobile phone would not have a tenth of it's functionality but for Apple, - and yes I have the first one, still working fine, but my wife a Samsung 7, just one problem after another, high humidity seems to kill it,
    Can't take it on an aeroplane either, - yes, iPhone more expensive, you get what you pay for, but when part of a plan not important, - what you want then is that it always works.
    Apple phones have always required Apple sim cards, so it is a good thing that they have recognised the market is demanding dual sim cards, although very few people really need such, it is more an image thing.
    Most of my friends have iPhones, very rarely a problem, your children will inherit it, my
    wife, being Asian, has a Samsung, and most of her friends, all helping fix up their friend's phones, - all the time.
    People don't get exploited by Apple, they choose which phone they will buy, they pay more if they want a more reliable phone, that does what they want with no fuss, and doesn't have to be replaced every year.

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