How your iPhone could save your life

With a few taps, your iPhone could get you out of danger or save your life.

How your iPhone could save your life

You may have heard people say “oh my iPhone is a lifesaver”, but you may not be aware that, with a few taps, your iPhone could literally save your life one day.

Okay, so that may be a bit extreme. However, if you do ever find yourself in danger, a new, little-known feature of iOS 11 called ‘Emergency SOS’ can automatically call your nearest emergency service provider to get you out of trouble.

All you need to do is tap your sleep/wake button five times. The sleep/wake button is located on the right-hand side of your phone, near the ear speaker.

It’s a handy feature that’s kind of like having your very own silent alarm – particularly effective for any women who feel threatened but don’t want to pull out their phone to call for help. It could also be handy if you become incapacitated in a way that makes it impossible to enter passwords or Touch ID, then dial a number.

So, in conjunction with setting up your Medical ID and letting your friends or family know where you are by using ‘Find My iPhone’, you now have an extra layer of personal security.

Do you have these features set up on your phone? Are there any other ways you can use your phone to make you feel safer when you’re out and about?



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    26th Oct 2017
    What about Android? I don't know much about bloody mobile phones.
    26th Oct 2017
    You could try an app called EMERGENCY+
    Had it on my iPhone for a while and seems to have similar benefits, such as sending your GPS co-ordinates to Ambulance, Police or SES. And works with android.
    26th Oct 2017
    I agree DrPolymath.
    The articles about mobile phones in this group are written for iPhone users. YourLifeChoices still doesn't get it that there are more Android users.
    26th Oct 2017
    What if you have a charger case on the phone, will it still work?
    26th Oct 2017
    Why is it always about iPhone? Android phones are far better.

    Android has had this feature for at least 2 years.
    Here is their post :

    Samsung introduced SOS messages on the Galaxy S6, a feature designed to literally be a lifesavers should the need for one ever arise.

    Quickly tap your power button three times and the front and rear cameras will immediately take a photo and send them to your emergency contacts. It then sends a message to these contacts stating that you need help, along with your exact location and a 5-second ambient sound recording.
    26th Oct 2017
    They are more likely to kill you or kill others going by the number of people I see that are texting whilst driving or are walking across roads with their heads down whilst using their phones.

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