Six little-known iPhone tips

These six little-known iPhone tips and tricks will have you feeling smarter than your smartphone in no time at all.

1. Shut down multiple apps
You might realise that by hitting the home button twice quickly, you are able to shut down apps by swiping up. However, did you realise that you can use three fingers to shut down three apps at once? And handy if you have a lot of apps open, close multiple apps by swiping your finger up at the same time.

2. Make use of your earbuds

Those free earbuds you receive new with your iPhone do more than just play music. The control bar on the cable is full of other hidden talents.  Snap a photo by clicking the + button, answer or end a call by clicking the centre of the button once, and skip a song by clicking it twice. You can also use them as a shutter-release button for your camera.

3. Focus your camera
While in camera mode, tap the screen where you would like the photo’s focus to be until a little yellow box appears. Hold the screen until you see a yellow bar appear at the top. This will lock the focus and exposure, even if you move the camera around.

4. Find a text message
Use the search box in the text-messaging app to locate a specific text. Simply type in a person’s name or a key word from the text message. If the search bar isn’t visible, pull down on the top message to reveal it.

5. Reveal the time a message was sent
To find out what time you received or sent a text message to someone, press down anywhere on the text message screen and pull to the left. The times will appear beside each message.

6. Re-charge your iPhone faster
The quickest way to re-charge your iPhone is to switch it to Airplane Mode. This turns off all cellular data and signals, so you won’t receive any calls or messages during this time. To enable Airplane Mode, swipe up from the bottom of the lock screen or home screen and hit the little airplane symbol on the top left. Hit it again to turn it off. Airplane Mode can also be controlled through the Settings App.

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Written by ameliath


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