Roaming without the sky-high rates

Smart phones: many of us can’t live without them. What did we do before we were able to transfer money while standing in a shop? Or sneak peeks at live sports scores while out to dinner? What we can live without is the stomach-dropping data bill which too-often accompanies one’s return from an overseas trip.

While turning off your data when overseas and only using wifi is one way to avoid a nasty phone bill, what happens when there’s no wifi in sight? Most of us have loved ones we want to contact, photos we wish to share or places we need to Google. Below are some options specifically designed to combat overseas roaming costs and post-trip phone bill depression.







$5 Roaming

International Travel Pass

Travel Pack


Take your plan with you to 47 countries across Asia, Europe, NZ, UK and US.

You’ll only pay on the days you use it while overseas.

For eligible plan customers only.


For a one-off charge, receive unlimited voice calls and SMS and a data allowance for 3, 7, 14 or 30 day durations. Available for two different zones.

For post-paid customers only.

Prepaid packs also available also: $29 for 100MB, $85 for 300MB and $160 for 600MB. Valid for 30 days.

Pre-purchase for $10 per day to get unlimited talk and SMS, and 50MB of data for use in Zone 1 countries across Asia, Europe, NZ, UK and US.

For post-paid customers only.

Prepaid travel packs also available.


$5 per day


$5 per day for Zone 1 Travel Passes

$10 per day for Zone 2 Travel Passes


$10 per day


$45 for 90MB

$85 for 170MB


Vodaphone Roaming



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