Why you should never answer these phone calls

Police are warning Australians of a sneaky phone scams.

Police are warning Australians of a sneaky phone scam known as the “one ring and cut” and of another where a caller asks “Can you hear me?”

The “one ring and cut” scammers hail from Africa, and they call at inconvenient times hoping you don’t answer. That way, when you call back, you’ll be slammed with exorbitant international call rates charged by a toll number. The proceeds of these calls are then shared between the phone companies and the scammers.

The caller will try to keep you on the line for the longest possible time, thus increasing the money fleeced from you for the phone call.

"This means that the revenue made from your international call to their newly set up phone number is shared between the telephone company and the scammers," said Senior Constable Steve Smith.

"The rates charged for these return international calls are the highest possible you could imagine.

"Prepaid users often find themselves with little to no credit left afterwards, other phone users only identify the damage incurred when they receive their next phone bill."

A similar scam originates from New Zealand called the Wangiri scam.

Police are urging people to not return calls to unknown numbers or any calls originating from Cameroon, New Zealand, or unknown international numbers.

Another scam doing the rounds is the “Can you hear me?” con. A scammer calls and asks the question hoping you’ll say “Yes”. The ‘yes’ is then used as voice identification to authorise payments on your behalf.

While it may seem random, should the scammer have your mobile number and name, they may also have other information about you that can be used to rip you off. So, police advise that you hang up immediately if you receive this phone call.

Have you received either of these calls?



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    5th Nov 2017
    This problem has become a worldwide problem. Here in the US, I get at least 3 spam/scam calls each day. I usually just ignore them. Sometimes I look up the number on Google or some sites like http://whycall.me to see if people have reported the number as scam. I will report it to the authority in the end.
    7th Nov 2017
    Here in the US? How far does the YLC audience reach?
    8th Nov 2017
    I thought that as well, Rosret.
    7th Nov 2017
    That explains a lot.
    Got one from an Indian yesterday claiming to be from Interpol. My response was "BS" and then hung up.
    The game keeps adapting and some will always be caught. Probably the same poor souls who vote coalition after listening to the media.
    7th Nov 2017
    MICK how did you turn this into a political comment!
    Interpol huh. What have you been up to? hehe
    ray @ Bondi
    7th Nov 2017
    like I keep being asked about some alleged accident
    7th Nov 2017
    Mick the labour troll always manages to turn every article into a political comment. Next he will be saying that these spam calls never happen when labour is in power. could be something in that though because no one can afford the luxury of a phone when labour rule.
    7th Nov 2017
    Rosret, MICK and I have an occasional sparring match in here and we sometimes agree. There are times when I walk away from his comments such as this one because I think he's just laying a bait to see who picks it up. He's either a man with a good sense of humour and someone I'd like to have a beer with or he's in the pay of the Labor Party. I wish I knew the answer.
    7th Nov 2017
    For goodness sake MICK, do try to grow up, it's not that difficult even for a silly little childish troll like you.
    7th Nov 2017
    If I see a number come up on my mobile I don't recognise I disconnect. All other calls I answer if they are in my directory.
    7th Nov 2017
    Despite my number being listed on the Do Not Call register I received a call from "National Hearing" the other day. I kept shouting at the caller saying 'you will have to speak up because I am deaf'. Funny thing was they soon hung up!! P.S. I haven't received any more calls from them since.
    7th Nov 2017
    7th Nov 2017
    Good one, FREDDIE.
    You could use the same answer for the “Can you hear me?” con.
    ADVICE: Just say "No" to anyone who rings unsolicited.

    As I run a business, I regularly receive emails with attached "invoices" or "goods in transit - delivery ETA", some of which are supposedly from companies I actually have an account with. I haven't been stung yet but it would be easy to do when I'm really pressed for time, trying to clear my inbox.
    ADVICE: Never open an attachment or click on a link on an email with any irregularities or that is unsolicited.

    Also, I have a constant stream of emails from Banks, even my own, telling me to update details or acknowledge a credit that's gone into my account. Banks don't email, unless they are replying to you, SO NEVER OPEN them. One exception to this is my bank emails me to tell me a monthly Statement is ready to be seen on internet banking, (because I've chosen to go paperless, so the Statement isn't mailed in the Post).
    7th Nov 2017
    Charities and political parties are exempt from the do not call list.
    7th Nov 2017
    KSS, as are scammers.

    But I'm safe. I put myself on my "Do Not Rob" list.
    Would you like me to add you? Just email me your banking details and you'll be OK mate.
    7th Nov 2017
    Yes scammers are exempt too because they originate overseas Hawkeye. I'll let you have my banking details just as soon as that lovely lady in Nigeria has finished depositing the multi millions I'm helping her with. You know the one, the poor widow of that senior Government Official who was forced to escape leaving behind all his assets which she needs help getting out!
    7th Nov 2017
    I was rung last week by someone purporting to be from the Police asking me to sponsor an event coming up next year. When I asked for the details to be mailed to me they hung up.
    Today I got an email saying I had inherited 1.75million. Just say NO !
    7th Nov 2017
    most phones have a voice mail, so if a number shows up you are not sure of let the caller leave a message, if its a genuine call then ring them back
    7th Nov 2017
    Good thinking, missmarple.
    Telemarketers have a general rule to hang up after 5 rings, so make sure you set your voicemail to kick in after 5 rings - it'll save you some time and hassle.

    My "caller ID" function displays "OVERSEAS" on my phone, which is wonderful to know. I just pick up and cut off immediately. This doesn't necessarily work for incoming faxes, but that's OK as I often receive overseas orders via fax.
    pedro the swift
    7th Nov 2017
    I just don't answer my phone at all. No problems!
    ray @ Bondi
    7th Nov 2017
    why have one?
    Polly Esther
    7th Nov 2017
    he wont answer you ray, no computer either :-)))
    7th Nov 2017
    Neither of these are new scams. They just keep circulating.

    7th Nov 2017
    Since we got caller ID, every time we get a suspect call we save the number with the name "Do Not Answer" and since doing that our scam calls have dropped dramatically. My mobile isn't listed so there are very few calls that are not in the Contact list and, so far, no scam calls. The only problem we have is when "Private Number" shows up as a caller ID. Some scammers have this ID as well as a few of our friends and family which means that we are obliged to answer them. Even when the numbers are in our contact list, they still show up as "Private Number".
    7th Nov 2017
    I have a pea whistle ( like postmen and police used to use) one good hard blow of the whistle down the phone csn cause major damage to yje callers ear drum. Cruel i know but it
    A / eventually people will learn not to work at call centres..spellingv the end of such call centres
    B/ businesses using this aproach to create business will learn its a costly thing when staff start suing their bosses for workplace injury... and from what ive gleaned its not illegal to blow acwhistlw down then phone...particularly if you own the apparatus
    7th Nov 2017
    Don't forget they have your number and know where you live!
    20th Nov 2017
    Just read this article. I've been called a couple of times about an "accident" I've had recently. Firstly I ask them which accident, as I've had a couple. That get's them flustered. I then tell them all the paperwork is upstairs, and I need to grab it, at which stage I put the phone down (but stay connected) and go back to what I was doing before the call. If I'm feeling really mean, and they haven't hung up, I will grab the phone every so often, and apologise for taking so long, but should have the paperwork soon.
    9th Jan 2018
    Unless I know the number, my answering machine takes all my calls, even the ones with a recording that tells me that I'm being sought by the AFP in regards to an outstanding warrant for my arrest for taxes that I haven't paid.

    Ha! Wish I had a job to pay taxes. Haven't had a job since 2006/07, so I'd know if I had any taxes to pay!
    30th Mar 2018
    I say hello 3 times then loudly pronounce - 'this phone is useless' they ring off
    25th May 2018
    I get satisfaction by telling them 'you are nothing but a thief' Doubt if they have a conscience though.

    12th Mar 2020
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