How hackers steal your information over public wifi

Cyber criminals are now actively targeting public wifi users to steal and sell their information.

The dangers of public wifi

Cyber criminals are now actively targeting public wifi users to steal and sell their information for profit, or quite simply, to steal money themselves.

The latest survey by online anti-virus company Norton showed that 51 per cent of public wifi users were taking significant risks by not connecting through a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

“It’s very profitable for criminals to gather your valuable details. You just shouldn’t be looking at your bank account on a public wifi, particularly if you’re re-entering your password,” said Ryan Kalember, of security company Datapoint.

The most targeted piece of information by cyber criminals is your passwords. It is recommended that you never enter a password while connected to wifi.

Will you be more careful about using wifi in a public place in the future?



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    30th Jan 2018
    Never enter a password whilst connected to wifi. Impractical as nobody would be using internet banking. I suspect you may have meant wifi in non secure locations like internet cafes. Yes?
    The Phonse
    31st Jan 2018
    It says public wi fi , so it would be from eg; a shopping centre etc.

    1st Feb 2018
    Don't use public WiFi. And Norton sound like they're arguing from self-interest.
    1st Feb 2018
    Safer to carry your own usb stick.
    2nd Jul 2020
    Wifi is the basic need people while you are traveling from one place to another and using the wifi your travel would be easy and I saw a blog on ranklifts with best reviews.
    8th Jul 2020
    The public wifi network is not secure because u don’t know who is connecting to it. It's better to use a hotspot because you know who is connecting to it.i am working for an underground water tank cleaning services company. I am not using public wifi internet we used hotspot.

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