World’s most dangerous cities

Caracas in Venezuela is the most dangerous city in the world, according to Numbeo’s international crime index.

Analysis of the world’s largest database, which estimates the overall level of crime in a given city or a country based on user contributed data, shows that cities with crime levels lower than 20 are considered to have very low crime. Between 20 and 40 is low, between 40 and 60 is moderate, between 60 and 80 is high, and higher than 80 is considered very high.

The Venezuelan capital district Caracas has a crime level of 84.92, while Port Moresby has one of 83.22.

protests in caracas

Cities throughout Brazil and South Africa fill out the top 10, and four US cities (Memphis, Baltimore, Detroit and Albuquerque) made the top 20.

Australia’s most dangerous cities are Darwin (55.30) and Cairns (54.72), sitting way down the index at 86 and 92 respectively.

Canberra (19.32) is Australia’s safest city, followed by Adelaide (28.65), Hobart (33.48) and Brisbane (33.78).

darwin by night

Australia’s most dangerous towns in order are:

1. Darwin, Australia (55.30)

2. Cairns, Australia (54.72)

3. Townsville, Australia (51.85)

4. Melbourne, Australia (43.92)

5. Gold Coast, Australia (43.91)

6. Perth, Australia (42.96)

7. Newcastle, Australia (39.19)

8. Sydney, Australia (33.90)

9. Brisbane, Australia (33.78)

10. Hobart, Australia (33.48)

11. Adelaide, Australia (28.65)

12. Canberra, Australia (19.32)

Are you surprised at these rankings?

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