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Six nifty Netflix tricks

Want to find out all the latest Netflix releases or how to save money on the data you use to watch movies? Learn all that and more with these six nifty Netflix tricks.

1. Learn about the latest releases
You may notice that titles on Netflix change all the time. But you can stay up to date with all the latest releases by checking this updated list of newly available movies and TV shows.

2. For better quality viewing, watch at off-peak times
If you’re watching Orange is the New Black at the same time as 100,000 other viewers, you may notice that the picture quality is not great. One way to improve video quality is to stream at off-peak times, such as early morning or late night. Video quality and buffering speeds will generally be better when fewer people are watching.

3. Personalise subtitles
If you like watching foreign films, or even if you’re watching The Godfather, then you’ll love the fact that you can change the colour, size and font of the subtitles. Head to ‘Your Account’ > ‘Your Profile’ > ‘Subtitle Appearance’ and change the subtitles to suit your viewing preference.

4. Apple TV hidden features
When watching Netflix via Apple TV, double click the up arrow on the remote control while viewing and it will bring up the show’s rating and description. Press down and a progress bar appears with chapter markers. Hit left or right to fast forward or rewind.

When on the home screen of a film, hit down twice and a screen appears that shows the title’s cast. Select a cast member or director and it will show other films in which they were involved.

5. Play Netflix roulette
Not sure what to watch? Then try playing Netflix roulette. Head to Flix Roulette to randomise your viewing selection. Simply choose a genre, actor, director or keyword, then hit spin and a  title will appear. If you don’t like the look of your option, hit spin again until you’re happy with the selection. Those wanting to live on the edge can spin without keywords, genres or actors.

6. Save your data
If you don’t have a heck of a lot of data to spare, reduce your stream quality and save. Usually, Netflix will stream at the highest quality available, such as 4K or HD, which chews up bandwidth. To change this setting, go to ‘Account’ > ‘Playback Settings’ and reduce the quality to 720px or 480px. Netflix even helps stream quality to be optimised. Just enter your data cap and it will divide viewing times by the amount of data you’ll use.

Do you know of any other Netflix tips? Do you watch Netflix on your computer, tablet or via a media player, such as WDTV or Apple TV?

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