Skype Translator available for free

Skype’s innovative translating software is now available, allowing people to video call each other and communicate in different languages.

When it was unveiled about a year ago, Skype’s real-time video-translation software seemed too good to be true, and it’s now available to Windows 8 users for free, with other platforms to follow soon.

The software enables two participants to talk to each other in a Skype video call, after either participant talks, the software translates the statement into text or audio, depending on user preferences, and delivers the translation instantly. 

Currently only four languages are supported, so the ‘Babel Fish’ for which we’re all waiting isn’t quite here yet, but with support for English, Spanish, Italian and Mandarin, over half of the world’s population will be able to communicate with this software. Text translation is also available for 50 languages, including Klingon (tagha’!), the fictional language from Star Trek. 

Download the software here.

This heart-warming video shows two primary school classes, one from Washington, and the other from Mexico City, communicating with each other over Skype.

And why not watch this video to see how this new technology is helping low-income women in Latin America become financially independent and empowered? 

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