Emojis: 10 fun ways to brighten your messages

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Emojis, everyone is using them, even Foreign Minister Julie Bishop isn’t adverse to sticking a smiley face at the end of a message. But if you’re ready to take it to the next level, here are 10 fun emojis that will perfectly illustrate your messages.

1. Super sleuth


Use when you’re trying to get to the bottom of a tasty rumour or particularly confusing conundrum.

2. Mouth zipped closed


Convince your friends that their secrets are safe, or indeed, to keep their lips sealed about your confidences.

3. Live long and prosper


Rather than just wish someone good health, give them a traditional Vulcan greeting.

4. Unicorn head


If you’re not quite sure someone is telling you the truth, let them know you believe them as much as you believe in unicorns.

5. Turkey

We just really like this but you could use it to convey just how useless something is.

6. Spicy chilli

You could use this to let someone know you find them hot, or perhaps, more likely, how spicy your dinner was last night.

7. Popcorn


If you’re taking someone to the movies, let them know the snacks are on you, or use to invite someone around for a movie night.

8. Racing car

If you’ve got a friend with a lead foot, let them know it’s time they slowed down their driving.

9. Airplane taking off


Give your friends a dose of jealousy by letting them know you’re off on holiday.

10. In a hole

Alert your text buddy that you’re in a spot of bother!

Not sure where to find emojis on your device? On your screen’s keypad when you open a message there will be a smilely face option. Simply tap this to open a world of emotive emojis

Do you have a favourite emoji or do you detest the little images?

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Written by Debbie McTaggart


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    Dear Debbie,
    How can I add emojis to these comments? Meantime –
    Debbie is hot (insert chilli emoji) on some issues, but her comments (insert turkey here), like Julie Bishop’s (alternative meaning for zippered mouth here), are sometimes cold (insert unicorn here). As someone noted recently midst various informed replies to her poorly researched (insert not so super sleuth emoji) comments (insert in a hole emoji here) on pension withdrawal for pensioners who travel (insert plane emoji here), many have reasons other than elitist (insert popcorn emoji here) for their travel.
    Cheers (insert appropriate emoji here)

  2. 0

    If you want to spark up your e-mails etc, put this link into your favourites.


  3. 0

    If you have a Mac (and don’t tell me that you do or you may be labeled an “elitist”, like I have been, by one of the envious many who are still in the Microsoft mire) there are 1,000’s readily available on your keyboard.

  4. 0

    People have been giving me this “live long and prosper” gesture for years, but with only two fingers. Does it mean the same thing?

  5. 0

    Well wasn’t that Fun 🙂



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