The attack on Mac

Malware threats and viruses targeting Apple Mac computers are at an all-time high and are rising dramatically.

One of the biggest selling points for Macs have always been that they have ‘no viruses’, and while this is not exactly true, it is true that they have much, much less viruses than Windows computers. However, it looks as if this is changing; so far in 2015 there have been five times more malware threats targeting Mac computers than there were in the last five years combined.

The reason for this massive surge in malware is most likely that Mac computers are more popular than ever before, making them a more suitable target for attacks.

And while this is still a small amount of malware compared to the number is targeting Windows computers, it’s probably a good time to get some antivirus software running on your Mac.

Popular technology blog Tom’s Guide has recently published their list of the best antivirus software for Macs. They awarded the Best Overall Mac Antivirus award to German antivirus company Avira. Avira’s Free Antivirus for Mac has had over 400 million installs worldwide, and the software offers protection from viruses as well as stopping you from unknowingly helping to spread PC viruses.

Visit Avira’s website to set up free antivirus protection.

Read more about the malware attacks at Business Insider.

Have you ever had any malware problems with your Mac? Was the supposed immunity to viruses one of the reasons you chose a Mac?

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