The Little Black Book of Scams

Each week it seems a new scam threatens to strip us of our hard-earned money or steal our identity. So the ACCC has released The Little Black Book of Scams to help Australians become more scam savvy.

Scammers don’t discriminate. Any age, height, weight, or income bracket is a viable target for cyber criminals. That’s why there’s a scam aimed at every walk of life.

From property investment scams, supermarket gift card scams and fake lotteries, to the Prince of Nigeria asking you for $100 so he can free up $10 million, scams may have once been quite noticeable, but they’re getting more subtle and harder to spot with each passing iteration.

The Little Black Book of Scams was designed to help people identify suspicious activities and to protect them from various types of fraudsters. It’s updated each year, so as the scams evolve, so too does The Little Black Book of Scams, keeping you one step ahead of cyber crooks.

So, why not download your copy from the Scamwatch website?

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