Thieves targeting newer model cars

New model keyless entry cars are the latest target for a new wave of technologically advanced thieves.

These criminals are using the “relay” method which involves two thieves. The first thief intercepts the signal from the key fob while the other uses a replicated fob signal to open the car.

In a recent ADAC report, 110 cars from 27 manufacturers were at risk from this new threat.

The device required to execute the theft is sold for just $150 on the internet.

Thefts typically occur in residential areas where cars are parked relatively close to a house or in the driveway.

As seen in the below YouTube video, the thieves gain access to the car and are gone in under than a minute.

Drivers of cars with keyless entry are urged to keep their keys in a Faraday cage when at home to block electronic signals. Some drivers have taken the next step by fitting devices capable of tracking the location of the vehicle in case of theft.

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