Top features for iOS 9

This video from MobileTechReview will give you a comprehensive run down of the best new features in iOS 9 for iPhone and iPad. 


Better battery life

No matter what the device is, anything can use a better battery life. iOS 9 brings your device approximately one hour of extra use before you need to recharge it. While it’s not a huge extension, it’s still handy. Those looking for even more battery life will be also be able to activate a new Low Power mode, which adds up to three more hours to your battery life by disabling some features. To enable low power mode, go to Settings > Battery and tap the slider next to Low Power Mode to turn it on.

Multitasking for iPad

Real multitasking for the iPad is finally here, after years of fruitless rumours and anticipation. Users will be able to run two apps side by side at the same time. Multitasking will also will allow you to run ‘Picture in Picture’ videos so you can watch videos or use FaceTime whilst browsing the web or using other apps. Unfortunately not all apps will be compatible with multitasking initially, but more and more will be over time.

Visit Apple’s iOS 9 page for some tips on getting multitasking up and running.

Siri’s been back to school

Apple’s personal assistant Siri has gotten some great improvements that will increase the accuracy of her understanding by 40 per cent and reduce the time it takes for her to respond by 40 per cent as well. You can also now ask her to remind you to do something related to a location – for example, saying “Siri could you remind me to take the bins out when I get home” will give you a notification to do so when you are close to home.

Incoming calls

When available, locations for incoming calls (sourced from area codes) are now shown, which may come in handy to tell the difference between another telemarketer and a friend or family member abroad. Siri may also be able to scan your recent emails when you are called by an unrecognised phone number and identify whom it belongs to.

More improvements

  • Notes now enables you to insert checklists, bullet points and numbered lists, as well as draw and sketch with virtual pens
  • maps now has a public transport view, but don’t hold your breath for Australian support
  • upgrades to device security, including the ability to set six-digit passcodes
  • a utility for moving all data and files from an Android device to an iPhone or iPad.

Have you been enjoying the new features? Did you prefer some the way they were before?

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