What is a podcast?

A combination of the words ‘pod’ from ‘iPod’ and ‘cast’ taken from ‘broadcasting’, a podcast is a series of either audio or video digital media recordings to which you can subscribe and download onto your computer, mobile phone or portable media player.

What can I download as a podcast?
The most common use of podcasts worldwide is to record segments of radio to be downloaded, stored and listened to at your leisure. While most podcasts can be found on the publisher’s website, the majority of popular podcasts are also published on the iTunes network, usually for free. Podcasts also have a number of other handy uses.

Universities around Australia are now recording lectures in audio and video podcast formats to enable students to re-listen to or catch-up on lecture content. Public figures such as politicians are also using podcasts, as a way to be heard by an audience they otherwise would not be able to reach.

Learning a new language via podcast has been a big hit, with free beginner and advanced learning podcasts released for all major languages. A further trend in podcasting has been for authors to release their recently published books as podcast novels. The novel is split into episodes (usually decided by chapter) and new episodes are released to subscribers periodically.

YourLifeChoices’ podcast
YourLifeChoices publisher Kaye Fallick and television and radio legend John Deeks will present a weekly podcast, Mind Your Own Retirement, starting on Sunday 23 June. Their lively discussions and interviews are guaranteed to entertain and inform on all matters relating to retirement and the unique challenges facing the baby boomer generation. The weekly podcast will be available from the YourLifeChoices website this Sunday.

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