What’s new in voice technology?

For many older Australians, the ability to live at home for as long as possible is not just a priority but an expectation.

Voice-controlled technology is becoming recognised as a key asset within the home and can already help with everyday tasks such as setting reminders to take medication, ordering an Uber to go to appointments, reading emails or calling friends and family.

Digital technology, such as online communication tools and devices connected to the internet, especially voice-controlled technology, is particularly useful for anyone who struggles to use their hands due to arthritis or Parkinson’s Disease or anyone who finds keypads on smartphones and tablets small and fiddly. So new devices such as Google Home, Amazon Echo and the Apple HomePod, could be the perfect development.

Google Home’s smart speakers allow users to activate home appliances using their voice, listen to music, add reminders and appointments to their calendars and make hands-free calls.

Much like Google Home, Amazon Echo is a brand of smart speakers. They connect to a voice-controlled personal assistant service named Alexa, who can be instructed to play music, set alarms, switch audiobooks on and provide real-time information, such as traffic and weather updates.

The most expensive of the three devices, Apple’s HomePod, does all the things Google Home and Amazon Echo do and more. Accessories such as smart home cameras, locks, air-conditioning, light bulbs and fans can be controlled through the HomePod.

Once the technology is mastered, these smart devices are capable of making life simpler and less stressful, allowing older Australians to live independently in their own homes for longer.

Do you use voice technology? How does it make life simpler for you?

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