Which browser add-ons do I need?

Whether you’re looking for increased security, handy utilities or to replace Donald Trump’s face with kittens – there’s an add-on for that. 

Add-ons, also known as plugins and extensions, are similar to apps. They’re available for modern internet browsers and they serve to customise browsing features. These are five of the best picks out there, but there are thousands more to discover:

HTTPS EverywhereGoogle Chrome and Mozilla Firefox
HTTP and HTTPS might not be familiar terms to you, but they’re the foundations upon which most of the internet is built. The extra S in HTTPS stands for Secure Socket Layer – we won’t go into all the details. What you need to know is that this add-on can make your data and user account information more secure online.

Evernote web clipper – available for most browsers and devices

This add-on from Evernote allows you to bookmark web pages across devices without any hassle, so that way you can pick up from where you left off.

The Great SuspenderGoogle Chrome
This add-on can save you from using excess data by stopping tabs that are open in the background from using internet data.

Make America Kittens AgainGoogle Chrome
If the current political climate is running you down, this add-on might be just what you’re looking for. Replace nearly every image of Donald Trump on the internet with a picture of a kitten. Simple and effective. 

StumbleUponGoogle Chrome and Mozilla Firefox
Discover the best content the web has to offer with this add-on. StumbleUpon learns your interests, and with one click of the ‘Stumble’ button will send you to a page you’ll find interesting. Thirty million users contribute to StumbleUpon by sharing great websites, and you can do the same!

Did anything catch your fancy? Find more for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari.

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