Why Wanda and Siri don’t get along

We recently asked why, in this age of satellite navigation devices in cars and mobile phones, anybody would buy a Melway, Sydway or Brisway street directory.

Well, Wanda was quick to join in the conversation, saying she loves hers.

“We do garage sales every weekend and a Melways is essential to plot all the sales we are interested in,” she said.

“Once the addresses are noted, we mark the locations with sticky notes. Then we can plan the most favourable routes according to their starting times and locations.

“I don’t know if Siri could manage all that.

“You learn more about your city if you look up a street and get a big overview of the area and see the names of streets, note parks and so on.  

“With Siri, you listen keenly for instructions and who knows what route is chosen. You cannot get an overall picture that well with a small screen.

“Long live Melways.”

Thanks for your email, Wanda. You win this week’s free copy of In Black and White II.

Do you love a garage sale? Have you bought anything that turned out to be an absolute bargain?

Bin there, haven’t done that

Casey told us about a friend – a forgetful friend.

“He lived on a property with a long drive,” Casey related, “so he used to hook his wheelie bin onto the towbar and tow it to the main road.

“On his way down one day, he realised he needed milk and headed up a steep hill to the general store a couple of miles away.

“Getting out, he then realised the bin was still hooked up to his car.

“The bin wouldn’t fit in the car and he was worried about towing it back, so he left it at the store, rang the council and told them someone had stolen his bin.”

Smart thinking?

Flying the flag – or rather the scarf

It’s not as prevalent as it once was, but some footy fans are still hanging their scarves out of car windows on their way to and from games.

Alex wants to know how this tradition started.

“My mate says he used to do it in England when he was a boy some 60 years ago, so I assume it started over there.

“I’ve been doing it since I was a kid, but these days I go to games by train and so do my children. It’s a bit hard to hang our scarves out of the train window!

“But I still see cars with scarves flapping from the window. It’s good to know people are still doing it.”

Can’t see the tree for the …

About 20 years ago, Phil went to a nursery to buy a tree. He took a photo of the tree he wanted because he didn’t know its name.

The nurseryman sold Phil a tree. He took it home and planted it smack bang in the middle of his front yard.

“It took a couple of years to get settled, but then it was obvious that it wasn’t the tree I had wanted.

“Worse still, my wife hates it – has done for about 19 years – and I’m not crazy about it, but it doesn’t seem right to cut down a healthy tree.

“Do you reckon that nurseryman would give me my money back?”

Lost for words

I hope you marked national Teddy Bear Day last Sunday. Did you take the grandkids on a picnic to the park?

If you did, we assume you sang that wonderful ditty, Teddy Bear’s Picnic. And if you did, which words did you choose?

You see, the original song contains an odd word. It’s “gad”, as in the line, “See them gaily gad about…” meaning to seek pleasure.

‘Gad’ was used in the original version of the song when it was performed by Val Rosing in 1932, but in recent times ‘gad’ has been replaced in many versions by the word “dance” presumably because “gad” is not a word we don’t use much these days. It’s a bit like “girt”, though we still use that because it’s in our national anthem!

If you have a favourite teddy bear, send us a photo – and some words about the teddy. The best five photos and stories will receive signed copies of In Black and White II.

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