10-step beauty regime when flying

There are many ways to spend the hours of a long haul flight – some people like to catch up on movies, some on rest and others still relish the solace to catch up on work. Cathay Pacific flight purser Margaret Lai has a 10-step beauty regime to make the best use of that time.

I am usually on the go, so when I travel for leisure, I welcome the time to look after my skin and will turn a long-haul flight into a mini spa treatment. To stay discreet, I would always start my skincare regime when the cabins lights are dimmed, normally two to three hours into the flight, and after the first meal service is complete.

This is my easy 10-step regime on how to turn your next flight into a mini spa:

  1. Get changed into something comfortable (it also helps keep my outfit fresh). If you have a suit or an outfit that gets crushed easily, kindly ask the flight attendant to hang it up for you in the closet.
  2. Clean your hands – wash them or use disinfecting hand wipes. Always touch your skin with clean hands!
  3. Clean your face with cotton pads and a gentle cleanser or facial wipes.
  4. Apply your toner, serum and eye cream (in that order) – I carry a little compact mirror to help check I have applied this evenly.
  5. Then use a hydration mask – try to find an overnight one. Choose something that looks clear/invisible even when a thick layer is applied. I would massage on the first layer, then when it absorbs (usually in about five minutes), I would then massage on second, third and fourth layers until it forms a film-like layer on my skin. Your face may look shiny, but the layer will hold in the moisture and protect your skin.
  6. I tend to get really dry hands, so I like to look after my hands inflight as well. I would massage a thick layer of body balm/butter on hands, then put on a pair of cotton gloves.
  7. Sleep is essential to looking your best. I need to use an eye mask to sleep well, and I place a piece of facial tissue in between my eyes and the eye mask, so that the products on my face doesn’t get on to my eye mask.
  8. Sleep –zzz!
  9. When it is a really long flight, if I wake up in the middle of the flight, I wipe off the products with a gentle cleanser and repeat the steps.
  10. An hour before the flight lands, I wipe off the products with the cleanser, then prep my skin with toner, serum and moisturizer. I will apply simple make up and get changed. And a tip I’ve seen from years of flying – don’t wait until too late to use the lavatory – it’s always busy 30–40 minutes before landing.


About Cathay Pacific

Hong Kong based Cathay Pacific Airways is widely acknowledged as one of the world’s leading airlines, offering scheduled passenger and cargo services to serve over 190 destinations in 47 countries and territories. All Australian flights offer three classes of travel – Business, Premium Economy and Economy class – providing excellent, award-winning levels of service to both the business and leisure traveller. Cathay Pacific is a founding member of the oneworld global alliance, whose combined network serves almost 700 destinations worldwide. 

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