A day in the life of your luggage

Ever wondered what happens to your luggage once you’ve checked it in?

For many people, parting with your bags at check-in can be as traumatic as when you parted with your parents on your first day of school. It’s the fear essentially of the unknown – will you ever see your belongings again? Will they arrive at the other end in one piece? Thankfully Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport has found a simple way to alleviate some of your separation anxiety.

Watch this fascinating video its released that shows what goes on behind closed conveyor belt curtains. Providing a rare insight into what your beloved baggage goes through on each trip, the video may not have sound or text but it still shows the incredible process that takes your bag from the terminal to the plane, via the tarmac and back again.


What do you think of this video? Will you worry less next time you check in your bags after watching it?

A 360 degree version is also available to watch on Schiphol’s website.

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