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After spending five weeks back at home in Australia over Christmas, I was shocked at how much domestic flights had increased in price. Not wishing to spend a lot on a one-night trip to Sydney, I found myself on not one, but two budget flights (with an airline that shall not be named). Upon my arrival, I was complaining to my cousin about the ‘service’. Thankfully, the conversation led to me walking away with a little-known trick on how to avoid flying with that airline again …


Having lived in Sydney for a few years, my cousin has learnt a thing or two about flying back and forth to Melbourne. It’s no secret that TigerAir and Jetstar are the cheapest airlines when it comes to domestic travel in Australia. It’s also no secret that, with budget airlines, you get what you pay for: which is seemingly flight delays, limited service and poor baggage allowance and planes that are not recommended for those with a fear of flying. Although both airlines have their foibles, there is a way to fly with, what I feel, is the better option of the two.


Jetstar has a little-known offer called the ‘Price Beat Guarantee’. Essentially, all you need to do is look up your desired flight on opposition airlines and then find a comparable flight on Jetstar. If the Jetstar price is not already cheaper, the airline will charge you 10 per cent less than the lowest–priced flight you can find.


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There are, of course, a few catches: the flight for which you request a price match must be scheduled for within one hour of a Jetstar flight; and your flight must also be commencing seven or more days from the time you request the Price Beat Guarantee.


If this makes you feel as if you’ve been living under a rock, this offer isn’t readily accessible on Jetstar’s website. You have to visit a specific page from which you initiate an online chat with a Jetstar customer service representative. They then verify the comparison and confirm your 10 per cent discount. You must purchase the fare immediately for this to be valid.


With the Price Beat Guarantee also available for international flights and Jetstar’s holiday packages, the 15-minute chat is well worth the money you’ll save.


You can find the Price Beat Guarantee at Jetstar. And remember, sharing is caring so tell your friends and family so that they can make the most of trick, too.


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