Airbnbs that feel out of this world

saucer shaped cabin in grassy field

Moon tourism hasn’t quite blasted off yet, but these terrestrial premises might just be the next best thing.

1. DIY Apollo 11, New Zealand

Cometh the hour, cometh a New Zealand Airbnb that could not be more perfect for the anniversary had it been built with slabs of moon rock. This cosy capsule is a lovingly rendered replica of the Apollo 11 rocket, with a Perspex roof for gazing on sky and stars.

Your shuttle has a double bed and full facilities, but don’t expect too many trimmings. Proprietor and DIY demi-god Peter literally banged it together in his backyard.

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2. The Highland Airship, Scotland

At the high end of the cabin-turned-space capsule market, this aluminium-encased hideaway sits suspended several feet from the ground, and boasts bay windows that look like they’ve been lifted from an imperial Star Destroyer.

A kitchenette, hot shower and king-size bed will accompany you on your voyage and, given Scotland’s liberal rambling laws, you can roam the local wilderness at will. With stunning views over the Sound of Mull, you’re not actually surrounded by inky black space, but the level of seclusion might feel the same.

3. Stargazer’s Cabin, California

A masterpiece in what we’re going to call rusty-chic, you should never judge an Airbnb by its cover. This TARDIS-like lodging has crammed in all the amenities you could desire, including hammocks, Netflix and a coffee machine.

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The cosmos is your constant companion in the open-ended master bedroom, reached by a ladder up the building’s side, and you’ll wake to mountain views and silent skies.

4. The Pembrokeshire UFO, Wales

Enjoy some close encounters of the comfortable kind with this sleeping pod-turned-UFO – a four-man craft complete with ornamental robots, a remote-controlled escape hatch, and a monitor for retro games such as Space Invaders.

A circular skylight gives a bird’s eye view of whitewashed walls and ultra-modern furniture, in a quiet corner of the Pembrokeshire countryside. If this is what first contact looks like, we’re all for it.

5. Moon Camp, California

Powered by solar panels, reached by a dirt road, and drawing water from concrete tanks, Moon Camp is an off-the-grid property surrounded by the Californian desert.

The yard features a hammock, fire pit and telescope, and postcard-perfect views of mountainous landscape studded with Joshua trees. Thanks to the check-in lock box, you could pass weeks without seeing another living soul.

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It’s perfect for a zombie apocalypse, or for some secluded stargazing.

Which one is on your list? Have you stayed in a themed hotel or apartment? Share your favourite way to travel in the comments section below.

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