Airlines with the best free COVID cover

Would-be travellers are staying home, afraid of being stranded or sick abroad and restricted by temporary travel bans. Consequently, airlines are struggling to fill seats on their carriers and suffering for it.

To entice travellers to make bookings and risk travel during a pandemic, some airlines have introduced insurance packages that specifically cover COVID-19 related claims. Many of these covers would well and truly cover any medical expenses associated with the virus, reducing the financial fears of travellers. 

Virgin Atlantic
Virgin Atlantic was ahead of the pack, introducing what is still thought to be one of the most comprehensive travel covers in August, which comes at no cost to passengers and with no excess payable. The airline’s policy extends until 31 March 2021 and covers all Virgin Atlantic-issued tickets including those of passengers flying with partner airlines such as Delta, Air France and KLM.

Passengers will have 24-hour emergency medical assistance anywhere in the world, and all passengers listed on the same booking will be covered up to $880,000 for COVID-19 related medical expenses.

Etihad’s policy is particularly generous as it covers quarantine costs up to around $157 a day and medical costs of up to $235,000 for any passenger who catches coronavirus within 31 days of their flight. This cover is valid for any passengers travelling before 31 March.

Cathy Pacific
This policy covers all trips between 7 December 2020 and 28 February 2021, and is effective from the commencement of your trip and lasts for either 30 days or until you return home. While this policy covers overseas quarantine and medical expenses, it does not cover medical treatments, quarantine or medical tests in your home country.

Japan Airlines
Free COVID-19 insurance will be included for any Japan Airlines passenger flying between December 2020 and 30 June 2001. The insurance provided by Allianz Travel is valid for 31 days following the first leg of the flight and covers up to $235,000 in medical costs should passengers contract COVID-19.

Remember that these policies may be subject to changes and policy, and only cover COVID-19 related illnesses, so other forms of insurance claims won’t be covered by these policies alone.

Could these generous policies entice you into international travel? Where would you travel, and with which carrier would you fly?

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