Airport delays

Whether you are delayed at the airport due to unforeseen weather conditions or security issues, we have a few suggestions on how to cope.

Check the web

Before you leave for the airport, check the airline’s website for any updates on delays or cancellations.

Research alternative options

Do a little research into alternative flights or other ways of reaching your destination should your original flight be cancelled. There may be other flights leaving around the same time or a bus or train that will get you where you need to go.

Keep an eye on the sky

Especially during winter months, flights can be reliant on the weather. Forecasts of major storms are fairly reliable two to three days in advance, so you can make alternative arrangements.

Have a back up hotel reservation

Consider reserving a room at a hotel close to the airport, preferably one offering a shuttle service in the event that your flight is delayed for more than a couple of hours. Most hotels do not charge you until you actually check in – although it would probably be advisable to check their policy before making your reservation.

Store important numbers into your mobile

Rather than searching through your paperwork for numbers for the airline, hotel or travel agent, preprogram them into your mobile phone before your leave for the airport.

Have you ever been delayed at the airport? What advice do you have to offer on how to cope?

Written by Andrea