Hangover cures around the world

It’s one of the world’s greatest mysteries – how do you solve a problem like a hangover? You’ve probably heard of the more common theories, paracetamol, drinking lots of water, Berocca, bacon, or even the hair of the dog – did someone say Bloody Mary?

But how do people in other countries deal with the disco going on in their brain after a night of drinking? Well, we bet you’ve never heard of some of these before.


Pickle juice is the flavour of the morning in Russia, tipped straight out of the jar. The liquid contains salt and various spices that may be similar in effect to a Japanese broth.


After a big night on the sake, Japanese drinkers eat umeboshi, a pickled, dried ume, similar to a plum or apricot. Horrifically sour, umeboshi is pickled to the point of making you pucker. However, the belief is the salt in the plum may help replenish depleted electrolytes.


In the past Scilians with hangovers would turn to dried bull penis to cure themselves, following the logic that it would restore their virility. Aren’t you glad you’re not Scilian right now?


Similar to the theory behind the Bloody Mary, Mongolians attempt to shake their hangover with a cocktail of tomato juice. Did we forget to mention they add two pickled sheep’s eyes to it? All the better to see you with.


The Turkish believe guts will help restore your gut after a big night of drinking, guzzling tripe soup in the morning. Made with the digestive tract of pigs or cows, similar concoctions are also popular cures in Mexico and Romania.

United States

Ready for another cocktail? Why not try a prairie oyster. Made up of a raw egg with the yolk still intact in a glass and topped with Worcestershire sauce, a shot of a spirit, Tabasco sauce, vinegar and salt and pepper, you then drink the mixture in one swift movement, and try not to throw it all back up!


Maybe you’d prefer another pint? Of buttermilk that is. Known as the Highland Fling, this liquid is left over from churning butter, mixed with cornflour and seasoned with salt and pepper. It’s supposed to settle your stomach and raise your blood sugar levels to wake you up. Isn’t your alarm clock looking much more appealing right now?


Finally, one we can definitely relate too. In 2009 the University of Newcastle announced that a bacon sandwich was the best hangover cure after a heavy night of drinking. Apparently the bacon contains lots of amino acids and the bread supplying the carbohydrates you need. You had us at bacon.

Do you have and tried and tested ways to cure a hangover? Why not share them in the comments section below?

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