Aussies tackling overtourism

Aussies have long been known as adventurous – and numerous – travellers. Travel is becoming more accessible and, as a result, overtourism is becoming commonplace for many destinations, straining local resources, putting pressure on the land and contributing to pollution and habitat loss. Basically, threatening local ways of life and what makes the destination desirable in the first place.

However, a study has shown that Aussies are happy to adapt with the times and stray even further from the beaten path to reduce their travel footprint.

village at the foot of the dolomites in europe

According to, 55 per cent of Australian travellers are aware of overtourism and almost half (48 per cent) would be happy to change their plans to visit lesser-known destinations to make their holiday more eco-friendly.

Not only does this relieve pressure on crowded cities, rife with selfie-snapping tour groups, it also brings much needed business to lesser-known towns and offers travellers the chance to explore unique locations.

Aussies are also opting to take the scenic route, with 69 per cent preferring to experience slower forms of travel, and 45 per cent opting to travel by more environmentally friendly alternatives to air travel such as train, bus and boat.

Would you opt to travel to unique destinations off the beaten path? Would you choose to experience more eco-friendly travel alternatives?

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Written by Liv Gardiner


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