Australia ranked fifth best country for skinny dipping

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Swimming naked is still restricted (or downright illegal) in some places, but it’s becoming increasingly accepted in others.

Outforia, a website for outdoor enthusiasts, has ranked the top 31 countries for skinny dipping. Australia has been placed fifth, just behind Thailand.

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We have 66 nudist beaches compared to Thailand’s measly nine, but if you look at the average water temperature, the rating becomes clearer.

Spain boasts a whopping 422 nudist beaches around the country, but France comes out on top with an overall score of 7.04 out of 10.

Countries to avoid skinny dipping
Of course, not all countries are so open-minded when it comes to skinny dipping. In some countries, it’s illegal in theory but not enforced if you’re respectful and stick to the designated beaches.

However, there are places where you should be keeping your clothes firmly on.

Some countries where public nudity is illegal include Caribbean islands such as the Bahamas, Saint Lucia, and Antigua and Barbuda, as well as destinations such as Malaysia, the Maldives, Indonesia, Brazil, and more.

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Outforia studied countries around the world where public nudity is either legal or partially legal. A normalised score out of 10 was given on the following four factors:

  • number of nudist beaches
  • number of naturist campsites
  • average annual temperature
  • average water temperature.

Have you ever been to a nudist beach? Do the rankings on this table surprise you? Why not share your thoughts on the topic in the comments section below?

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Written by Ellie Baxter

Writer and editor with interests in travel, health, wellbeing and food. Has knowledge of marketing psychology, social media management and is a keen observer and commentator on issues facing older Australians.

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