Best budget travel spots

The oracle of all things budget travel, Skyscanner Australia, has analysed the average cost of flights, food and accommodation in a range of countries to find the best value destinations.

Although, across the board, flight prices have decreased by 10 per cent, the cost of flights to some cities has dropped while others have become more expensive. For example, in 2016, a flight to Phuket cost $789 and now costs $650. Other popular holiday hotspots becoming cheaper are Christchurch, Tokyo, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. However, flight costs to Bali, Los Angeles and New York are rising.

Next, Skyscanner examined the price of a day in these countries, by comparing the average cost of a night spent in a three-star hotel, three meals, two train trips and a bottle of water.

The least expensive places were Phuket ($46 per day), Bangkok ($55 per day) and Kuala Lumpur ($59 per day), while the priciest were Singapore ($306 per day), Tokyo ($226 per day) and Christchurch ($149 per day).

bangkok river market

Interestingly, flights to Singapore and Christchurch are fairly inexpensive, but you’ll certainly fork out once you hit the ground.

So, who was the overall winner?

A five-day holiday to Kuala Lumpur, Phuket and Bangkok offer the best value by far. You’d spend around $867 to visit Kuala Lumpur, $880 to tour Phuket and $1060 to swing by Bangkok.

For the full breakdown, including the cost of beer and coffee, head to Skyscanner Australia.

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