Best travel videos of the year

Dance crews, baggage blues and flying toupees starred in this year’s top travel vids.

Sydney spoofs, twisted takes on travel and celebs sampling dodgy local cuisines gave us a chuckle.

Top airport tips and invaluable packing hacks rounded out the top eight travel vision articles of 2019.

It’s a lot of fun finding them, and even more fun to see how much you love them. If you ever have any suggestions of your own, don’t hesitate to send them in to us in 2020.

In the meantime, here are your top five and my top three travel flicks from the last 50 published this year. Enjoy!

1. Baggage handlers behaving badly
I don’t know about you, but once my bag is checked I don’t even think about it. Unless I was silly enough to pack something breakable inside. Then, it’s stress city. Seeing this footage of baggage handlers behaving badly will explain all that.

2. How to prepare and pack for a long-haul flight
Long-haul gurus who have done this a hundred times share their expert tips for packing and preparing for a long-haul flight and overseas holiday, helping you do it cheaper, better and more efficiently.

3. Virgin Australia may have missed the mark on its new campaign
I told you not to wig out on this video, but you couldn’t help yourselves, making it the third highest clicking vid of 2019. And when you saw that Virgin Australia’s latest ‘mascot’ is a wig named ‘Wiggy’, well, the comments say it all. Yup, Virgin sure missed the mark on this one.

4. Flight attendant shares essential airport tips
Stella may be a little ‘high-energy’. Some may even say annoying. But she was once a flight attendant and the wisdom she imparts in this quick video is priceless. By the end of the video, you’ll either want to hug her or hug her so hard she stops breathing, but you’ll be wiser when you next hit the airport before your next holiday.

5. Crew dances during six-hour flight delay
Okay, so I may have tricked you a little with this one. Anyone who saw that title may have mistaken it for flight crew. If you did, sorry (not sorry), because this crew is super talented and sure entertained the poor passengers waiting for six hours for their flight out of Dallas. Wouldn’t you be, too? Seems so, or it probably wouldn’t have made the top five.

Editor’s Choice: Tom Gleeson spoofs Sydney as a tourist destination
When Aussie comedian and television presenter Tom Gleeson made this video, he thought it would lose him 4.8 million Logie votes. It didn’t seem to matter, as he still took home the golden trophy. Tom slays Sydney in a segment he created for The Weekly’s ‘Go Away’ segment. Even Sydneysider’s couldn’t help but laugh at Gleeson’s scathing yet hysterical best. Who knows, it may have even swayed some minds responsible for reversing those silly lockout laws.

Editor’s Choice: China Airlines’ new travel ad is twisted but funny
I loved this slightly twisted, but very funny China Airlines approach to travel advertising with its #WhatTravelBringsYou campaign.

“You never know what travel will bring to your life,” reads a message written across the screen at the end of the English-language version of the ad. It’s true. But not necessarily all good, as you’ll see in some of the more unfortunate ‘experiences’ depicted in this promo.

Editor’s Choice: Celebs trying horrible local delicacies
‘Sometimes, when a dish is local and doesn’t travel, those locals have got to ask themselves why it’s not travelling’, says star and host of Travel Man, Richard Ayoade.

This compilation shows Richard and his celebrity guests trying very hard to be nice about not-so-nice dishes they try in countries around the world. Just as it did with some of the dishes these stars are brave enough to try, this vid had me in tears.

Which was your favourite? Why not send in links to your favourite travel vids and we’ll see if we can share them with all of our members? Or click the links below and make your own!

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