Bobby, the anti-theft backpack

Are you worried about thieves when you travel? Well, Bobby’s got your back. It’s the ultimate carry-on, anti-theft backpack and the most affordable travel bag we’ve seen this year.

Did you know that over 400,000 pick-pocket cases are reported each year? Little wonder then, that most of you will have either experienced or heard stories of theft while travelling abroad. 

This cut-proof, shock-proof and water repellent anti-theft backpack was created by XD Design to assuage those fears.

It’s difficult for thieves to access, as the zip is concealed close to the body behind the outer water-proof fabric. But you can still easily access all the compartments containing your travel essentials, such as passport, tickets and phone. Handy compartments inside also keep your larger items in good order.

It’s such a cool bag and so well thought out. Here, take a look.

Features such as hidden zippers and slash-proof materials keep even the most persistent thieves out of your business. For travellers who carry a portable charger with them, the pack has an integrated USB charging port, so your backpack acts as a battery pack meaning you don’t need to worry about your phone running out of juice when you’re out and about.

On top of this, the Anti-Theft Backpack is designed to equally distribute weight, meaning it feels up to 25 per cent lighter than another pack carrying the same weight.

Bobby could eliminate your fear of thieves, so you can be confident and enjoy your time abroad (or in your hometown).

Find out more at XD Design.

Available from $99.95 at Culture Kings.

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Written by Liv Gardiner


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