Cheapest cities for Airbnb stays

Many experienced travellers will say that finding cheap flights is easier than finding cheap accommodation. While there are often great deals on hotels, some travellers will turn to Airbnb to find low-cost accommodation.

The home-sharing aggregator often works out to be lot cheaper than booking traditional hotel rooms, but where in the world do you find the cheapest Airbnb digs?

Online travel deal website Globehunters has analysed Airbnb prices across the globe and published a comprehensive list of the cheapest cities in which to find inexpensive accommodation.

On top of the list is Lviv in the Ukraine. For around $42 a night you can find accommodation close to the Unesco-listed city that features much of the same charm as many higher profile European cities, such as Prague and Budapest. They don’t call it the ‘Little Paris’ for nothing.

Second is Saint Petersburg in Russia. Just $47 a night will get you right near Russia’s imperial capital, where you’ll have access to stunning art museums and the baroque architecture for which the city is famous.

In third is Jakarta, Indonesia, where for just $50 a night you can sample this rapidly developing tourist destination and its burgeoning café, bar and entertainment scene.

The gateway to Halong Bay, Hanoi in Vietnam, is fourth on the list at just $51 per night. One of Vietnam’s prettiest cities, it’s also a foodie hotspot and has a fair whack of fascinating attractions to boot.

In fifth you’ll find Kolkata in India. From around $52 per night, you can stay in a city known for its tempting Bengali cuisine, street-food vendors and staggeringly beautiful temples and palaces.

On the expensive end of the list you’ll find San Francisco at $319 a night. While SF is certainly a super destination (especially for those wanting to relive the ’60s Haight Ashbury vibe), it’s also home to the world’s biggest tech companies and the highly paid employees who work there. Hence the high-priced hotels, real estate and other accommodation.

Second most expensive is the US’s favourite beach city, Miami. At $276 a night, you can enjoy all the neon lights, skimpy bikinis and pina coladas your money can buy.

Third on the high-price list is another US city, Orlando. You can most likely blame Disney World and the plethora of family focused theme parks for the $273 per night price tag.

In fourth, at $268 per night, is Las Vegas. You’d hope to win at the tables at the world’s most famous gambling haven to pay for a night’s accommodation here.

And rounding out the top five is the US city far from the mainland – Honolulu. It’s home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and laid-back locals that would make any holiday enjoyable, but the Hawaiian capital certainly makes you pay to stay here at $266 per night.

See the full Globehunters Cheapest and Most Expensive Nightly Airbnb Prices list below.


Have you stayed in any of these cities? Did you find it expensive? Was it worth the money to visit?

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