Cheapest cities to explore in 24 hours

The world’s cheapest cities to explore in 24 hours have been revealed in a recent study, which compared the average price for a taxi ride, number of free attractions, cost of a hop-on hop-off bus tour, number of experiences costing less than $50 and – most importantly – the average cost of a meal and a beer.

The results may inspire you to make an extended stopover to explore the cities beyond some of the world’s most frequented airports. 

10. Barcelona, Spain
The Spanish hotspot swooped in at 10th place with 1979 cheap eats, $5.20 beers and an astounding 961 free attractions to explore.

9. Agra, India
Agra has 89 day trips available for under $50 – the second most for any popular city – the fourth cheapest beer, 78 free attractions and beer averaging just $2.43. With taxis costing just 23 cents per kilometre, exploring it is all the more affordable.

8. Singapore, Singapore
While you may be asked to pay around $10 for a beer, Singapore has a massive 925 free attractions and 1163 cheap eats. You may want to consider staggering your connecting flight to give yourself a day to explore the wonderful and affordable city of Singapore.

7. Prague, Czech Republic
When you’re being asked to pay $2.70 for a beer, the hardest part of your time in this European capital may be trying to visit all 1059 free attractions and choosing between the 1127 cheap food options.

6. Shanghai, China
The combo of $2.30 beers – the third cheapest of any popular city – and the staggering 1333 free attractions could lead to some exciting adventures in China (although may want to hold off right now).


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5. Taipei, Taiwan
A 24-hour tour bus will cost you around $37, and you’ll have 154 free attractions, 734 cheap eating options and $3.50 beers to enjoy.

4. Seoul, South Korea
Seoul has the fourth cheapest 24-hour tour buses, at $34, 586 cheap eats and 896 free attractions. It’s easy to see why 13.57 million tourists visit the city each year.

3. Bangkok, Thailand
Get free entry to 647 attractions, choose from 1077 cheap eating options and take a taxi between them all for just 31 cents a kilometre.

2. Kuala Lumper, Malaysia
Coming in at second place, KL topped the affordability of 24-hour tour buses at just $19, has the most day trips for under $50, 298 free attractions and 611 cheap eats. These results may make an extended stopover all the more appealing.

1. Delhi, India
With 438 free attractions, 79 day trips for under $50 dollars and – foodies hold on tight – 636 cheap eats, Delhi has won the best affordable city by a mile. Beer costs just $2.81 on average and you can explore 298 attractions free.

Where would you spend 24 hours?

Updated 8/2/20202: reference to Barcelona being Spain’s capital city removed – silly us! The sub-editor is in ter-rubble!

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