Travel SOS: Which are the most affordable European cities?

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Jenny fancies herself a seasoned traveller and is always looking for a bargain holiday, which is why she’s never been to Europe, because she believes it’s too expensive. But Europe is on her bucket list, so she’s asked Leon where the most affordable European cities are, so she can tick it off.


Q. Jenny
I’ve travelled throughout Asia and I’ve also done a fair portion of the United States when our dollar was strong. I love a budget holiday, but I’ve never been to Europe, because everyone says it’s too expensive. I really want to tick Europe off my list soon, so can you tell me which cities are the cheapest?

A. Getting to Europe can be expensive, but there are quite a few cities that are affordable once you’re on the ground.

First, you need to find a cheap flight to Europe. Skyscanner is a great resource, so too is Webjet, which are currently offering return flights to Paris from $925.

There’s no getting around the fact that Paris and London are pricey. But if you can save money on visiting other European cities, you really should include the Big Smoke and City of Lights in your itinerary – even if only for a few days in each city.

As far as European cities that offer great value for money, here are a few suggestions.

Krakow, Poland
Known for its architecture and fascinating history, Krakow is also an affordable destination. And, you’ll get to see amazing galleries and museums, medieval castles and Renaissance palaces. The historic central district is also conveniently walkable and the former Jewish quarter, Kazimierz, is now one of the coolest neighbourhoods in the country.


Porto, Portugal
This 2000-year-old city boasts beautiful beaches, UNESCO landmarks and fabulous seafood. And you can check out most attractions—including São Francisco Church, Porto Cathedral and Palácio de Bolsa—for a small fee. Bonus: Public museums offer free admission on Sundays.


Budapest, Hungary
The City of Baths is host to 118 thermal springs and day passes to these spas will set you back about $20. Budapest is a fairy-tale city, with jaw-dropping architecture and a romantic ambience that’s easy to fall in love with, especially considering the convenience and affordability of this European gem.


Tallinn, Estonia
No one really knows about Tallinn which means it’s not charging tourist price tags. Here you’ll find great food and drink, as well as impressive medieval buildings, cultural highlights and the pedestrian-friendly core, Old Town. Explore the city’s surrounds on a rented bike. Check out the super cheap stores and make sure you try the traditional rum-based liqueur.


Zagreb, Croatia
Croatia comes up high on many a YourLifeChoices member’s wishlist. It’s capital, Zagreb, is a cultural hotspot and boasts more museums per capita than any other city in the world – many of which offer free admission. Rent a bike and ride around the town and surrounds, taking in the local flavour of Zagreb’s cosy café and arts scene, all for small change.


Berlin, Germany
Edgy, arty and super stylish, Berlin is one of the most open-minded places in Europe, and the city offers something for every traveller. Check out the iconic attractions, such as the Berlin Wall and Grunewald Forest, but also take time to soak up the nightlife and cool liberal scene.


Prague, Czech Republic
Another fairy-tale city featuring fantastic castles, Gothic cathedrals and ornate bridges – not to mention villages that look as if they’ve come right off the pages of a Little Golden Book – Prague is one of those unassuming cities travellers often claim as a highlight after they’ve visited.

Try the local pastries, hearty dumplings and Czech beer to fill you up for little more than chump change. And if you rug up, winter is the perfect time to visit. There are fewer tourists but way more festivals and celebrations.

Brussels, Belgium
Accessible by train, a quick day trip from London or Paris, and rooms for less than $90 a night, Brussels is one of the most affordable (and beautiful) European cities you can visit. The Grand Palace is simply astonishing, and you can eat well on a budget. Everywhere you look you’ll see chocolateries, and the city is also famous for its street food, fries, waffles and beer.


Kiev, Ukraine
Kiev may be one of the most misunderstood cities in Europe, but really, it’s a safe place where you can stay in luxury hotels, eat like royalty and be treated to exciting markets, scenic streetscapes and charming architecture for next to nothing. Try to find the hidden cocktail dens and hit the laneways for a more ‘local’ vibe.


Travelling to Europe on a budget doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the little luxuries. These cities offer high-end experiences for low prices, and the money you save means you can spend a bit of time exploring some of the pricier cities, like London and Paris.

Do you know of any affordable European destinations? Why not share your tips with our members?

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Written by Leon Della Bosca

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    My wife and I visit Europe/UK every year, I have family there so when in the UK I have no accommodation costs, big savings, but touring Europe can be quite expensive if you want 5 star, but if you are prepared to accept less then I suggest travelling with a company called National Holidays, they are based in the North East, you can join their coaches at many different places throughout the UK, usually their tours are fully inclusive, mostly breakfast,lunch and about 3 hours of grog, they don’t stay in top class hotels, depending on what you want to see there are many holidays ranging from 7-12 day tours, the last one we did with them took in Prague,Budapest and Vienna, they normally book you into a centrally located hotel and travel out daily to the different tourist areas, we have done many tours with them and have never been disappointed and they are about a third of the cost of the major coach companies.

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      Thanks for the tip Jim!

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      Thanks Jim – have family in Zurich and I know the places you are talking about very well. Once you have been there a few times you know where to go and not get fleeced. Europe is only expensive because of the dollar/euro change. When I arrived here in 1970 this place was really expensive for me (1$A was about $US1.45) today it is the other way round. For me it was worse as my francs were 5.50 for an Aussie dollar. Today the franc is the same as $1US. Just keep your excess euros and use them again next year.

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      Yes you are dead right there, we were in Prague near the clock where the grim reaper makes an appearance every half hour, we went into an upstairs bar opposite the clock, I think we paid 19 euro for two drinks, later we found a bar a couple of streets back, and paid about 6 euros, so you certainly have to explore, look for where the locals go.

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    I agree with all comments and the places tvisit on a budget. My wife and I have been traveling most of our married life ( 45 years) and have seen a lot of the world . We have been fortunate enough to travel with all modes of transportation and all types of accommodation Europe is still our favourites and we have come back to grass roots , we have owned a motor home in UK since 2011 and use it May, June and July every year , the 90 day/nights accommodation at an average of $A 150 per night including breakfast is a lot of money where as motorhomes through out Europe are very well catered for and at a cost of Zero to $20 a night for sites that are specifically designated for motorhomes we can afford to stay for 3 months. This year we are doing the lakes of Eastern Europe ( plitvice lakes , Lake bled Lake gardia Come Orka ) and some smaller villages on the way around. This mode of accommodation and transport give us the freedom we like, if we like the place where we are we stay longer. Fair winds and safe travels to everybody



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