Choosing meaningful souvenirs

Every holiday is different, just as every traveller is different and each travel experience unique to each individual. So how do you choose the right souvenir to bring home with you? Is it worth the expense of shipping home or taking up space in your suitcase?

The first question you need to ask yourself is what is it about your holiday that you want to remember? Foodies may spend their time experiencing all the culinary delights their destination has to offer, so a souvenir reminding them of the tastes and smells they encountered will bring happy memories. Others may enjoy browsing the local markets and shops for unique jewellery or clothing they can enjoy wearing for years to come. Whatever your inclination, make sure you choose something that is meaningful to you, something that makes you smile whenever you see, wear or taste it.

The easiest souvenir to bring home are your photos. With our digital cameras and smartphones, we can capture dozens, if not hundreds, of the sights we see on our holiday. The best of your shots can be printed on canvas or framed to hang on your walls – or even made into a photo book for your coffee table.

If photography is not your strong suit, purchasing some high-quality postcards for framing, or buying landscape art and views from local artists can be a unique memento from your trip.

If the food was the highlight of your holiday, buy a cookbook featuring the recipes of the favourite meals you enjoyed. Not only will you be able to replicate the culinary experience at home for your family and friends, many cookbooks feature some really stunning photography of not only the food, but the destination itself.

Taking food back home is not advisable due to customs restrictions, so an alternative could be a local wine or a liquor, such as a bottle of Merlot from Bordeaux or a Limoncello from Italy.

If you are visiting a destination with a local speciality, such cuckoo clocks in the Black Forest area of Germany or Murano glass in Venice, these will make a lovely souvenir to display in your home. Cushions, wall-hangings or scarves featuring distinctive prints or patterns from your trip will also act as a reminder of your holiday. Christmas decorations for your tree make a unique souvenir and they don’t take up a lot of room in your luggage!

Whenever we travel we bring a snow globe back as a souvenir and have quite the selection on the shelf above the webmaster’s desk. What do you collect from your travels? Do you have a unique and meaningful souvenir from any of your holidays?

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