Clean up your act

Sometimes it’s the simplest ideas that are the best ones – such as these Go Clean bags from Flight 001.

The perfect packing companion, these bags are made from a heavyweight nylon material that conceals odours and contains messes. Designed to make packing and unpacking as simple and sanitary as possible, they solve one of packing’s greatest problems.

Many of us may have stopped and thought, at some stage, how we don’t really want to put the soles of our shoes near our clean clothes. Or even our dirty laundry near our fresh items. And what about the washing that hasn’t quite dried? Or items that get wet during expeditions? There’s nothing worse than opening your bag at home only to find the entire contents smells and now needs to be cleaned.

Go Clean bags are the perfect way to avoid all these issues. They’re also better for the environment and much more reliable at containing mess and odours than plastic bags. Bags are available in a range of different colours and sizes to suit all your needs, including wet suits, boots, heels, gym gear and laundry.

One of the more practical purchases you can make – you’ll wonder how you ever travelled without them.

RRP: Prices from AU$21 plus shipping, from Flight001

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