Cruising on a budget

Mary is keen to give cruising a go, but life keeps throwing financial curve balls that have put her dream on hold. We suggest cruising options that are both rejuvenating and affordable, and are a great way to give cruising a try.

Q. Mary
I would love to go on a cruise, but finances seem to be conspiring against me. Every time I almost get enough, something comes up which requires funding. I feel ready to cruise now before time runs out but where can I go on a limited budget?

A. Mary, it’s time to grab the bull by the horns and get yourself on the water. Part of the expense of a cruise overseas is the cost of the flights to get there and back. Considering a cruise within, or departing from, Australia will not only eliminate the need for expensive international flights but it’s a great way to get a taste of cruising in a more familiar environment.

Our very own David has enjoyed a relaxing paddle steamer cruise along the Murray and would heartedly recommend it. Cruises on the PS Murray Princess vary in duration, so you can spend a little or as long as you would like kicking back and enjoying the trip. Find out more about the wonderful cruising opportunity the Murray River offers.

There are several companies that offer Kimberley cruises, which vary in duration and price. You can find more details by visiting Kimberley Cruises, which lists all the cruises in the area. 

Princess Cruises offers a two-night cruise from Sydney to Melbourne, and vice versa, from just $358 per person, twin share. 

P&O Cruises offers a four-night cruise from Sydney to Moreton Island from $599 per person, twin share or a four-night cruise from Brisbane to the Whitsundays from $799 per person, twin share. 


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