Disney cruise ship coming to our shores

disney cruise ship

Let the nagging begin.

In a move designed to put fear in every parent and grandparent’s heart, Disney’s Magic at Sea cruise ship will spend a season in Australia and New Zealand.

Cruises begin in October and will travel in a loop between Melbourne, Auckland, Brisbane and Sydney.

There will be Broadway-style musicals including Frozen, deck parties including fireworks, meet and greet with Disney characters, games shows and, of course, screenings of Disney movies. Plus plenty of opportunities to buy Disney merchandise.

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As for food, there will be themed dining including a Little Mermaid-inspired restaurant offering a fusion of French and American food, which, frankly, sounds like hell.

Parents can escape all that at their own pool, café, spa, bar, lounge and fitness centre. There are so many opportunities to get away from hyped-up, sugared-up kids, you’d think Disney had done it purposely, wink, wink.

I’m being cynical, and am thankful my children are too old to find any appeal in them, but these Disney cruises are incredibly popular, with five ships currently in operation.

Moon landing

Extravagant Middle Eastern tourism attractions will soon have a new member.

Dubai loves an over-the-top accommodation option, such as The Palms, off Dubai, and the big sail Burj Al Arab. Now Dubai has announced it will build a US$5 billion moon-shaped luxury resort called Moon Dubai. Well, why on earth not?

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It is expected to be finished by 2027 and be a scaled-down version of the moon, towering above the city at 224 metres.

Its ‘lunar colony’ (guest accommodation to me and you) is expected to welcome 2.5 million guests a year for a space tourism experience from the comfort of earth.

The backers are planning a similar resort in Las Vegas.

Holiday warning

With school holidays approaching, I think we can once again assume our airports are going to be an absolute shambles, although I would happily be proven wrong.

I feel honour bound to once again issue a school holiday flight warning. Turn up two hours early to domestic flights and three hours to international flights. It’s advice I will not be taking on my son’s 5.30am flight to Darwin. Also, it’s a good idea to regularly check your airline’s website for any flight changes or updates and keep your phone charged for any notifications.

What are your thoughts on a Disney cruise? A chance to bond with the grandchildren or your idea of hell? Do you have a strategy for travel during the school holidays? Why not share your tips and opinions in the comments section below?

Written by Jan Fisher

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