Revealed: Top three cruise concerns

Cruisers reveal their biggest concerns about cruising.

Revealed: Top three cruise concerns

You can always tell someone who’s been on a cruise from one who hasn’t because the one who hasn’t will tell you that they’d never go on a cruise. Then they go on a cruise and they’re like reformed Christians.

But even seasoned cruises have concerns about cruising, as revealed in a recent survey conducted on behalf of travel insurance authority

A poll of around 1440 respondents revealed that health issues, specifically getting sick or injured, was the top concern for cruisers.

Illness or injury that shortens or hampers a holiday was the biggest concern for 42.2 per cent of respondents. Bad weather was the second biggest concern (37.3 per cent), followed by missing cruise departure (20.5 per cent).

Survey participants had all researched or purchased travel insurance within the past 24 months and, out of those polled, 24 per cent had filed a travel insurance claim for a cruise-related issue, such as:

  • medical care required during a cruise
  • a medical issue forced a trip cancellation
  • bad weather forced a delay or cancellation of a cruise
  • missed flight led to a delay or cancellation of a cruise
  • items were stolen or lost during a trip.

What’s your biggest cruise concern? When did you last file a travel insurance claim? What was it for? Did you get satisfaction?



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    16th Feb 2019
    Codswallop leon.
    We've been on a magnificent cruise and I'll tell you they are little more than glorified restaurants where people can gorge themselves.
    Yes you get to visit gorgeous cities but you can do that in a hire car as well and see much much more of the countryside as well as experience the culture as it lives. Cruises are snapshots designed for old travellers who cannot do anything else and people who want a non stop feed. Serious travellers do not cruise. Better to stay at home and waste your money on good restaurants and shows when you want. I feel sorry for you if you really thing cruising is anything other than what it really is.
    You left one thing off your list: falling overboard. It happens with monotonous regularity and it is a concern. In case you did not notice the railings are not exactly very high.

    Enjoy your cruising. We are still touring by car and getting the ultimate experience where we see EVERYTHING a country has to offer. Priceless.
    16th Feb 2019
    Well Mick, we do not 'do' cruising for seeing cities (we can enjoy the occasional day in port), gorging ourselves on food (but we enjoy the dining experience, especially the afternoon 'high tea') or sloshing back great quantities of alcohol (aside from a nice glass of wine with dinner), we go for the peace and serenity of days at sea. We have done the hire car thing, hotels and even timeshare and enjoyed them all, but we still love cruising, and the older we get the more we like it. Fortunately during my working life as a member of the Defence Force we lived in every Australian state , except Tasmania, and we do not feel them need to return to places we have already been (one can be so disappointed with the changes that have occurred since the last visit, possibly 30 to 50 years ago). I would take issue with your last statement though. Our experience is that in no way can you see 'EVERYTHING' a country has to offer merely by passing through, one has to actually live there to appreciate it fully.
    16th Feb 2019
    I hear what you are saying Eddy but comparing cruising with a land tour is chalk and chips.
    We did a Mediterranean cruise a few years ago whilst the nonstop food and grog was interesting we did not take the cruise for this. We wanted to see the magnificent locations in the region. What we saw was wonderful but the land tour we did afterwards was far superior.
    After that (the year after) we simply hired a car for a month and drove around on a preplanned trip. Although you rightly note that people expect different things the value (dollars as well as experience) is in the land tour by a country mile. We'll just have to agree to disagree mate. Cheers.
    Not a Bludger
    16th Feb 2019
    Geez Mick - is there anything at all in this world that you do not loathe and detest and criticise?
    16th Feb 2019
    Mick - people don't fall overboard accidentally. They suicide.
    16th Feb 2019
    I sort of thought it was the combination of youth and stupidity. There are better ways to end it all than drowning or feeding the sharks Rod.
    In all honesty who knows but given how many people regular fall overboard I'd rather take my chances on the pedestrian crossings in Italy.

    16th Feb 2019
    What a shame mick can't accept people have different experiences and there is nothing wrong with that. Cruising continues to grow -Australia over 2 million cruised last year - in USA it was over 13 million. Carnival cruise line made over 1 billion in profits.
    The fact is there is room for all - cruising, fly and stay, resorts, caravanning - no matter what your preference - have fun. Wife and I have done 13 cruises and have 5 planned this year.
    You come across as a rather bitter opinionated individual - much like your political opinions. If one does not share Mick's views then they are clearly wrong or they are doing the wrong thing - your views on who cruises are rather narrow.
    Frankly there are a great many on this site who feel sorry for you. No need to feel sorry for me because I like cruising - we have met so many wonderful around the world and we stay in touch with a great many.
    During my working live I lived and worked in USA and UK. By the time I was 21 I had been around the world once and except for communist countries I've been and stayed at most places.
    16th Feb 2019
    Just got back off our latest cruise on the ovation of the seas, had a great time, we do about 4 cruises a year, and we spend about 6 weeks a year touring Europe where we have family which helps with the cost, both forms of holidays have good and bad points, although we tend to ignore any bad points and concentrate on the good things which are in the majority, personally I don’t like driving so we tend to use coach travel, we use a company based in the North East of the UK called National holidays, they use central hotels in most European cities as a base and travel each day to places of interest, they are not 5 star hotels but are clean and most tours are fully inclusive including about 3 hours of drinks. We enjoy our holidays on both forms and on cruises we have made some lifelong friends, we have also made friends on our tours around Europe and have visited some of them on future trips.
    16th Feb 2019
    Jim - excellent comments and wife and I are off on Ovation to NZ in a week or so and doing Europe at end of year.Your comments mirror image the experiences of my wife and I.
    16th Feb 2019
    Yes Bob, the ovation is a great ship, that was our second cruise on ovation, we had just got of the Radiance of the seas, my wife prefers the smaller ships, I don’t mind which ship we are on, the food was excellent as usual and the service was great,I am sure you will both enjoy it, we also rekindled some old memories when we visited the bay of islands. We are looking at a river cruise in May going down the Rhine, it’s been on the bucket list for a while, so something to look forward to.
    Blue Trumpy
    16th Feb 2019
    I agree totally with bob menzies and also feel sorry for Mick. It is sad that he does not enjoy cruising. But, there are some people out there who are not happy unless they can find something to criticize or complain about.
    16th Feb 2019
    By all mean "enjoy" cruising. We have friends who enjoy cruising. No problem.
    What I was trying to get across is that cruising is a sit back and gorge yourself experience and self drive/land tours are the real deal.
    I feel sorry that you and right wing bob cannot see that. Nor will either of you try it.
    Your claim about my being critical may have some merit but I call out BS for what it is. Political or otherwise. My opinion? Of course, but with factual commentary rather than what you may 'think'. There's a difference.

    Go do then comment. Cheers.
    16th Feb 2019
    Blue Trumpy - appreciate your comments - whether one enjoys cruising or some other activity is really not the point - there is room for everyone - Mick's vitriolic comment is unnecessary.
    I have done 13 cruises and have 5 planned this year.
    I've lived and worked in UK and USA. I have flown to most parts of the world and stayed for holidays - Asia and Europe. Driven through most of Europe but not Asia ( tended to fly and stay).
    Cruising offers much more than food - many great lectures, shore excursions and good shows to name a few things.
    I have no criticism regarding how one has holidays - so long as they enjoy themselves.
    I say to Mick - re self drive tours - go for it = enjoy - an excellent way to see the world. I've done that but chose these days at 68 to cruise. Though we did drive around USA crossing 8 states last year as we went through many national parks and visited civil war battlefield sites and historical places such as Mount Rushmore and Little Big Horn and Deadwood to name a few.
    16th Feb 2019
    You call my comments vitriolic but need to read some of your own comments bob.

    Geez...don't tell me you missed Arches National Park in Utah and Niagara in New York State. I'll give you thumbs up for what you actually did as America is a big country and those freeways are confronting. Well done for that.
    You might want to compare the nonstop scenery with cruising for days with no ports in sight. That seems pointless to me and you can get a better deal going to the club for a smorgasbord and a cracking a good bottle of red. Much cheaper...and you get to pick the menu.

    If you enjoy cruising then go for it. At 68 you're not too old to drive and get the real deal although it does get harder every year. Will grant you that.
    Europe is a tough place to drive around cities....and then there's parking. Still worth the effort and many of the sites worth going to are not in the cities anyway with the exception of architecture which you can easily get to from the city fringes.

    If sitting back on a ship and feeding all day long is what you enjoy that is of course is your prerogative. This is not how serious travellers operate. Not even Leon.
    Sadly most travellers are too scared to rent a car, drive on the wrong side of the road sitting in the wrong side of the vehicle on roads they are unfamiliar with. Me too! Then add having to pay through the nose for overpriced land tours and cruises. That brings us around to the perennial discussion about 'no money'. Ho hum.

    Enjoy your cruising bob.
    16th Feb 2019
    Have not been to Utah yet BUT dd Niagara when I lived there. The sea is in my blood Mick - grandfather was Navy, Dad Navy and then me in 60s and 70s - been through hurricanes with 70 foot waves and once spent 42 days straight at sea with no land anywhere. Once drove down 1-95 the wrong way!!
    At end of year we are cruising to Northern Lights and have several days in port.
    Yes I am an Abbott supporter. Although he has disappointed. Turnbull was and is a disgrace and maybe well be the worst PM in living memory - I've seen them all since Menzies and before Turnbull thought McMahon was worst.
    My ideaology remains as seeking smaller government, lower taxes, freedom of the individual and the enterprise as a baseline. I belong to the forgotten middle class that Menzies spoke about in 1944. However Turnbull dismissed us. One area where you and I are fully aligned - we both think that Pyne is a nasty individual. I heard he is the most disliked politician in federal parliament.
    I despise socialism and hate communism.
    On current issues I strongly support the harshest border controls a government can implement. I believe in affordable and reliable energy (my electricity costs are too high)
    I oppose labor policy on franking credits as it will cost be several thousand (although I'm working with my financial advisor to get around it).
    I found your last comments most reasonable and appreciate that.
    Blue Trumpy
    16th Feb 2019
    Mick, I have only done one self drive tour through Europe and driving on unfamiliar roads in a unfamiliar car on the wrong side of the road did not allow me much time to really enjoy the passing scenery. It was 100% concentration on getting from A to B without crashing. A cruise with organised shore tours is much more relaxing. Even train or coach travel is much more relaxing than having to drive oneself around in some unfamiliar country.
    16th Feb 2019
    I understand. Had the same 2 years running. Also had a partner who told me the wrong thing almost every time a crisis occurred. Most were GPS related and these gizmos are great when they work and soul destroying when they give you the wrong information. Some wonderful stories now but stressful at the time.
    For my part I planned the trip meticulously and we knew where we were driving and what we were seeing months before we left. That did not help when things went wrong but last year we were more relaxed and agreed that if something went wrong we'd recalibrate and get back on track. It worked fairly well.

    I do take your point. Understood. But my point is that we saw so many things we had not even planned and some were not on any tourist map and absolutely priceless.

    If I am plugging driving it is with the understanding that both train and coach are more relaxing for the driver but you miss the real experience.
    Last year for example we left Tuscanny to head back to Milan and ended up going through a mountainous region. Amazing scenery with beech trees, etc. and no other cars. We stopped at a roadside cafe nested into the forest. The hostess spoke a little English and served us the most magnificent cakes and coffee I can recall. And then to top it all off the cost was around 5 euros (about $7) for the both of us, not that three times that would not have still been worth the experience.
    That sort of thing happened a few times and its what you stumble upon when you tour this way.

    We all pick our poison Blue. I'm not saying that cruising is not for others but rather trying to paint the picture of what you get when you drive. For the record we did the bullet train in Japan a few years ago and that was great as well.

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