Destinations for your personality

Are you an extroverted traveller looking for the party of a lifetime? Or maybe an introvert looking to explore a landscape that mirrors your ‘self’? Or perhaps you’re ready to move out of your comfort zone and check out life on the other side. Whatever type of traveller you are, these are the perfect destinations to match your style.

Extroverts being extroverted

While the French Riviera may be a well-known tourist hotspot, Monaco is notorious for good reason. Monaco is the world’s second smallest country, packed into just 200 hectares. But what it lacks in size it makes up for in sheer energy. Overflowing with casinos, drinks, food, fun, beaches and yachts, Monaco has been described by Lonely Planet as ‘a magnet for high-rollers and hedonists’. Is this heaven for our inner extrovert? We suspect so.

Introverts being introverted

Luminescent lagoons and white glaciers set off by the black volcanic rock, there is nothing else quite like the vast and obscure landscapes of Iceland. Being ‘lost for words’ here is more common than not for anyone who travels here, but if you’re ready to let the landscape do the talking, this is the place to be. You may feel small in this vast and diverse landscape, but you won’t feel lonely. We suggest you have a playlist ready for the long roads, with some songs worthy of the extraordinary views. 

Extroverts feeding their inner introvert

So, you’re used to being the life of the party. You’re used to being at a party. But have you ever wondered what life might be like on the introverted side of the fence?

Let’s try to rest that racing mind and hush the chit chat. It’s time to focus on you, and we’ve got the perfect place for it.

Let’s retreat into ourselves for some reflection … no literally, retreat, as in you’re going on a retreat! It’s not easy to become comfortable with your own company, and mindfulness isn’t easy for most of us. So for you racing extroverts we recommend a retreat that specialises in meditation, mindfulness of yoga in the beautiful Ubud in Indonesia. Here, you can be helped along the way as you focus on calming your mind while enjoying the stunning scenery and peaceful locals.

If all else fails, you can always get your extroverted energy out in one of the coastal towns before or after you hit the hills for some introspective healing.

Introverts finding their inner extrovert

Okay, introverts, we get it. You’re good company. Travelling solo has its advantages. For example, you can go and do whatever you want, move at your own speed and you’re less likely to offend or annoy the locals. But do you ever feel that stepping out of your comfort zone could lead to some great opportunities? Exchanging travel stories, getting adventurous or maybe even meeting the perfect stranger, there are some experiences abroad you can’t have by yourself.

The perfect city to fuel your inner extrovert into action? Amsterdam.

Home to the friendliest locals I’ve met anywhere in Europe, people here are easy to approach and happen to speak better English than most Aussies (although it’s helpful to pick up some Dutch phrases). This city is bustling but organised, with beautiful streets and interconnected canals. Amsterdam is full of art, history, cheese and of course, other tourists. But wait! Don’t shy away from other travellers as we generally tend to. Meeting someone at your accommodation or while grabbing a coffee could be a great way to find a companion to roam about with. Exploring art galleries, the famous Vondelpark, going cheese shopping or even visiting a coffee shop, this is the perfect city for you to unleash your inner extrovert.

Are you an extroverted or introverted traveller? What are the best destinations you’re been to for your personality type?

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