Destinations to spend your life savings on

If you are not keen on giving up on adventure just yet, there’s plenty to see out there.

So kick up your heels, dip into the kids’ inheritance and consider these ‘totally worth it’ destinations to spend your life savings on.

Overwater holiday

We’ve all gone a bit dreamy over those pictures of overwater bungalows, why not actually do it?

Once upon a time they were a rarity, and eye-wateringly expensive, but the tourism industry twigged onto how popular they are and now there are plenty to choose from.

After a quick online search, there are overwater bungalows in Fiji, Vanuatu, Tahiti, Bora Bora, Cambodia, Belize, Switzerland (overlake), Vietnam, Mexico and Panama.

There are whole websites dedicated to them in all price ranges.  

The Maldives is the ultimate, but there are plenty in the South Pacific that are only hours away from Australia’s eastern seaboard. Treat yourself.

African safari

No longer the bone-jarring month-long exercises in deprivation of old, African safaris are now available at varying price points and time travelled.

Why not see all those majestic animals in their natural environment?

Just out of interest, I did an online search for the world’s most expensive African safari and it appears with some of the high-end companies you have to put your details in and then they get back to you. So, I guess that old rule applies: if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

Swimming with turtles

You can do this in Australia, but for boasting points why not go to the Galapagos Islands and swim with their turtles? Way more impressive.

Added boasting points for spotting a blue-footed booby (yes, that was totally gratuitous), giant tortoises and marine iguanas.

David Attenborough loves the place and that’s good enough for me.

Antarctica or the Arctic

Look, anyone can occupy a pool lounge in a moderately warm tropical country for their holiday, but what about those extra cold bits?

No beach days here, unless you count zooming around in a Zodiac inflatable dodging icebergs.

Very much like African safaris, you can now explore these parts of the world without too much drama.

There are plenty of cruises that offer multiple shore excursions, but instead of guzzling rainbow-coloured cocktails you may be spotting for polar bears, whales or seals.

And there’s always the possibility of seeing the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis.

If you are looking to put a sizeable dent in your savings, polar cruises can help you out. Do not expect much change out of $70,000 for two.


Look why not go for the pictures alone? I’m sure you can do Paris on a budget, but what’s the point? Eat that food, drink that wine, buy those clothes. Spend hours in the galleries.

Enjoy a hand-holding stroll along the Seine for afters.

Paris is not about watching your budget, Paris is about living in Paris.

What’s your dream destination? Have you been there yet? Why not share your opinion in the comments section below?

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Jan Fisher
Jan Fisher
Accomplished journalist, feature writer and sub-editor with impressive knowledge of the retirement landscape, including retirement income, issues that affect Australians planning and living in retirement, and answering YLC members' Age Pension and Centrelink questions. She has also developed a passion for travel and lifestyle writing and is fast becoming a supermarket savings 'guru'.


  1. You don’t have to do Paris on a budget but can still enjoy it.
    I’m speaking from experience, having lived there and been back many times.
    The reason any travel is expensive is because agents charge a very high commission on top. Plus, those tours are not catered for specific needs, such as seniors who can’t be rushed around, to fully enjoy. I have booked tours previously, but once I organised our own trips everywhere, the difference is huge.

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