A guide to crossing the Nullarbor

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The Nullarbor Plain road, formally known as the Eyre Highway, stretches for 1256km, following the coastline that connects Ceduna in South Australia with Norseman in Western Australia. It is the flattest and longest road in the country and hugs the longest coastline of unbroken cliffs in the world.

In Latin, Nullarbor means ‘no trees’ and, while this arid and semi-arid landscape is vastly devoid of large flora, it is far from desolate. At the Eyre Peninsula you can whale watch and swim with dolphins and seals. In this region you’re also likely to come across emus, kangaroos, koalas, and even dingoes. The region is also home to an abundance of wild camels, originally imported to help build the roads and infrastructure.

The Nullarbor Plain road takes around five days to drive, but if you want to slow down and explore all that the landscape has to offer, you can spend up to two weeks making the journey. The Eyre Highway takes you through some of the most remote regions of Australia, so it’s recommended that you carry extra food, water and petrol. Skyscanner also recommends driving a 4WD.

The region is sprinkled with local museums, galleries, national parks, walks and lookouts. These are just some of the most popular activities and pitstops you can take along the Nullarbor. 

Play a game on the world’s longest golf course
The Nullarbor Links is an 18-hole par 72 golf course spanning 1365km, crossing state borders and time zones, with one hole at each participating roadhouse or town along the Eyre Highway.

Drive the 90-mile straight
This 146.6km strip running between Balladonia and Caiguna is Australia’s longest straight road, making it the perfect time to click on cruise control and belt out your lung to some road trip classics.

Enjoy the view at Nuytsland Nature Reserve
This region in south-eastern Western Australia boasts 500km of coastline stretching between Cape Pasley and Red Rocks Point. If you enjoy dramatic coastal lookouts and sweeping clifftop views, you’ll love this region.

If you’re an avid birdwatcher, you have likely already heard of the Eyre Bird Observatory, which allows you to spot honeyeaters, cockatoos and falcons in the wild.

Eucla National Park
Located 1238km east of Perth, this expansive national park features the Delisser Sandhills and Wilson Bluff. You can climb enormous white sand dunes and see the Old Telegraph Station disappearing below them.

Treat yourself to seafood
The Eyre Peninsula is one of the best places in Australia for seafood. If you love fresh fish, crab and oysters, you’re in for a treat.

Whale watch at the Bunda Cliffs and Head of the Bight
If you’re travelling in spring, you’ll likely spot Southern right whales, on their annual breeding migration, from one of the most popular lookouts on the Nullarbor.

Experienced surfers only
Venus Bay and Cactus Beach are known as some of Australia’s best surf breaks for skilled surfers. If you’re confident on a board, bring it down for a paddle.

Admire Arts Ceduna
Located at the Ceduna Arts and Culture Centre (CAACC), Arts Ceduna is the premier Aboriginal arts centre on the Eyre Peninsula. It sells work of behalf of more than 136 Aboriginal artists, and is the perfect stop of any art enthusiasts.

Remember that the Nullarbor Plain crosses state lines, so it’s important to check state government guidelines before booking your trip.

Have you driven across the Nullarbor? What advice would you give to someone planning their own trip across the great plain?

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Written by Liv Gardiner


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