WA ready to transition to open borders, but there’s a catch

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West Australia has persisted with the strictest border closures of all Australian states to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, but it has finally released its plan to end the hard border policy on Saturday 14 November.

The government announced that it would transition to a controlled interstate border based on the latest health advice.

The existing hard border exemption system will be removed and replaced with an updated nationwide health-based threshold that allows for safe travel into Western Australia from interstate with conditions, and subject to trigger points being met.

The West Australian Chief Health Officer Dr Andrew Robertson has recommended a 14-day rolling average of less than five community cases per day in each state or territory be required before progressing to the new border control measures. This requirement is currently being met by all jurisdictions in Australia.

Travellers from states and territories that are deemed ‘very low risk’ with no community cases of COVID-19 in the past 28 days will be permitted to enter WA as long as they comply with certain conditions, which include being subject to a health screening and temperature test on arrival at Perth Airport and being prepared to take a COVID-19 test if requested.

All travellers will receive an SMS health check reminder one week into their stay in WA, while arrivals by land will be met at the border checkpoint for health screening.

Currently the jurisdictions that meet the ‘very low risk’ criteria include Tasmania, Queensland, South Australia, the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory.

Travellers from states and territories that are deemed ‘low risk’ – with less than five community cases on a 14-day rolling average – will be permitted to enter WA and comply with similar conditions as ‘very low risk’ jurisdictions, however, they will also be required to take a COVID-19 test at the airport COVID clinic if deemed necessary and self-quarantine for 14 days in a suitable premise.

These additional restrictions would apply to NSW and Victoria on their current COVID numbers.

Will you travel to West Australia now that the hard border is reopening? Where in WA would you most like to visit?

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Written by Ben


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    No. Given that it is a very expensive trip in the first place just to find its at a quarantine hotel – because the tally has increased in NSW is too risky at the moment.
    West Australia need to learn how to manage the virus and basically its indicating that it can’t.

  2. 0

    No. I agree that the borders are coming down, but rural NSW residents are being punished because Sydney residents can’t control themselves.

    I live on the NSW/Vic border, and we’ve had no cases for so long that I can’t remember when it was that the last case was – it may have been as far back as June or July.

    • 0

      Really SuziJ yoy are tarnishing all of Sydney for the outbreaks that are mainly isolated to just a few suburbs in the same areas. Other Sydney suburbs may be almost 100kms away and also not had cases. WA needs to learn how to deal with outbreaks, as does QLD. Or perhaps they should stop relying on NSW to do it for them. And stop taking federal handouts to prop up their economies.

    • 0

      Seems you’ve changed your tune, KSS. I agree with your comment here. WA and Qld need to learn to deal with outbreaks instead of destroying lives and creating unnecessary hardship and misery with over-the-top restrictions. Qld is stupidly banning people from suburbs that are 100km away from the nearest case, despite there being only the tiniest handful of cases anyway and all of them being actively and efficiently managed.

  3. 0

    No one is being punished. You can do all the right things and this virus can of people who have had it have done nothing wrong. Sadly more people will get it, no matter what your age, look overseas.
    Stop playing the blame game. That shows immaturity and a total misunderstanding of how this virus can enter your system. Get rid of your anger, blame and be grateful you are alive. Sheesh…..

  4. 0

    No current plans to visit W.A. My plans are to visit friends who live in Asia and Europe and will do so when safe to travel to my areas of choice. I have saved the money and will not be spending it in Australia because I have already been to most of Australia and want to see more of the world while I can and to visit my friends while I can.

  5. 0

    For those in other States, as a true-blue West Ozzie, don’t travel here! We have, so far, had no, NOT ONE! locally acquired case, and yet you tell us to live with it. I.m sorry for the other States where you have had that happen, but as a huge state (bigger than Queensland and NSW together!) to control even the smallest outbreak here would be tantamount to ‘murder’ as it’s more likely you will infect our native population, where even whites have not been permitted to go! Think about it!Go to other countries if you want – don’t care if it’s GB, Italy or similar, but don’t come back and cry ‘foul’ if you get it!
    Stay away from us if you aren’t prepared to abide by our rules!!

  6. 0

    Rosret you should check your facts before spouting off about WA. On the contrary we are controlling the virus very well and for longer than many states and we want it to stay that way. If you read the article properly it says that quarantine for travellers from more ‘risky’ states can quarantine at home. It is Western Australia not West Australia.

  7. 0

    As a West Australian I am very happy with the WA border closures as are most others here. We are able to go about our daily business safely and our economy is doing much better than any other state. West Australians are re-finding travel to destinations within WA thus our tourist resorts are pre-booked months ahead in many cases. NSW seems to be badmouthing other states more than anyone else yet is now the only one it seems that hasn’t eliminated Covid altogether (if Victoria’s donut days continue). The NSW mistakes with the Ruby Princess led to the problems we had here in WA. The federal government’s appalling management of aged care led to the vulnerability and deaths of residents and staff at non state run aged care facilities. WA has eliminated the virus in our community. NSW residents should hold their own government and the federal government to account rather than getting stuck into others. If you feel the need to criticise other states we’d be far happier if you stayed at home.

    • 0

      And NSW has been quarrantining almost ALL returning Western Australians before they got to Perth! NSW too could have eliminated the virus had they not been so accommodating to other states. As it is, since the failure – with Ruby Princess which BTW happened near the beginning of the pandemic when no-one really knew what was going on – and has NOT had such a break out since. NSW learned the lessons of both cruise liners and aged care. The vast majority of all NSW cases are in returning Australians and residents.

      Now If WA and QLD lifts the cap on returning citizens and residents and Victoria reopens Melbourne airport to returning Victorians (they have learned their lessons right?) and relieves the burden from NSW perhaps there would be a greater sense of all of us being Australians rather than this tribal warfare waged by scaredy-cat Premiers who clearly have no confidence in their ability to deal with a virus that is going to be with us for a long time to come, vaccine or no vaccine.

  8. 0

    The trouble is the country is been held to ransom by a few bad eggs who have the mentality of don’t tell me what to,I’m in Vietnam and will be returning when there is flights to rightfully claim the pension,here we nailed it quickly with the communist government telling everyone to stay at home wear a mask do the right thing for 1. Month which a country of 93million people did ,they had around 362 cases,but no deaths,they relaxed after a month,and then ended up with cases and deaths,they isolated the confirmed cases and no have next to nothing,the people here were masks everyday it their choice,and that is why you can fly to Singapore from Saigon but not to Perth yet,the recommendations are wear a mask and keep your distance,this will protect the other people and yourself,I know it’s not trendy but at this stage of the game if you want to travel get your head out of the sand and do it (DR Scottie) ,the big issue is their is no vaccine and not likely for a period of time and will you chance taking it ,no way hosay (the still haven’t a vaccine for AIDS from 1980),WA is the way it should be done,if you can’t stand the rules stay home,as I said no one likes to be told what to do,take the USA now that is one country with a large percentage who doesn’t like to be told what to do and will point a gun at you to prove a point,for the lucky ones of you who watch CNNwill know where I’m coming from hey have over 100,000 coronavirus cases a day ,wear a mask and stay safe……seize the day and be civil to each other

  9. 0

    I’ve been stuck in W.A. since the start of Covid. My home is in NSW and I need to be able to come and go, so since I can’t go home and come back without swabs and isolation etc. I am forced to stay. About time Aus became one country and stopped these border restrictions and got a number of other things such as drivers licences and age cards, transport cards etc.Aus wide rather than each state with it’s own rules.



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