Best places to see wildlife in WA

Western Australia has some amazing wildlife. Apart from being the only place in Australia where you can see quokkas, it also has some truly remarkable places for getting up close and personal with some of nature’s most wonderful animals. Here are the best three spots in WA to witness wildlife.

See the Quokkas on Rottnest Island

Quokkas are the cutest little marsupial and can only be found on the small islands off the coast of WA. If you have never seen one of these critters in the flesh before, you want to make sure you make the trip. Rottnest Island, located 18km west of Fremantle is perhaps the best-known place to view the creatures. Ferries depart from Perth daily and AAT Kings offers a package that includes lunch and driver guide for a full day of sight-seeing on the island.

Meet friendly dolphins in Monkey Mia

There are plenty of places in Australia where you can go dolphin watching, but few where you can mix with them, such as Monkey Mia. The amazing beach, 900km north of Perth, has had dolphins coming right up to the shore for nearly 50 years.

It all started in the 1960s when local fisherman would share their catch with the dolphins. Over the years the dolphins learned to trust the locals and they would swim close to shore to be fed at the jetty and the beach.

The dolphins now swim to the shore almost daily and interact with humans of their own free will, while being closely monitored to ensure their health and wellbeing is sound. Interacting with one of nature’s most intelligent creatures is an experience to treasure for life.

AAT Kings offers exceptional package deals that include a day at Monkey Mia.

Kangaroos on the beach

It isn’t hard to come across a Kangaroo experience in a bushland setting, but in Esperance you can watch them laze about on pristine beaches. Roughly 720km south-east of Perth, the district’s Lucky Bay has some of the most stunning white sandy beaches. The Kangaroos will often sun themselves on the sand, scoping out the crystal clear blue waters. This amazing spot is one of many stunning stops on AAT Kings’ 16-day Western Wonderland Guided Holiday.

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