Explore a treehouse adventure for your next holiday

Treehouses occupy a special place in our imagination.

Is it the memories of childhood, famous literary adventures or just the chance to get back to nature that appeals? Who knows? Probably all three.

If you are sick of slick, resort-style accommodation offerings, here are some of our favourite treehouse holiday rentals.

Treehouse Blue Mountains, Bilpin, NSW

It would be hard to find a more immersive nature experience than this impressive property.

Set on almost 250 hectares surrounded by two national parks and a World Heritage-listed area, visitors have a 360-degree Australian bushland experience.

Inside, there is a nod to the surrounding bush with plenty of timber features but there’s also a spa, fireplace, kitchenette and floor-to-ceiling windows to take in the best of those views.

The location means it’s a bushwalkers’ delight with hikes on the Colo River and the Bowens Creek Gorge.

At almost $1220 a night and only sleeping two, it’s only for the subset of people where money is no object but, for such an experience, maybe it’s worth it.

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Firefly Treehouse, Elk Point, South Dakota, US

Tune out, turn off and find some time to yourself in this absolute charmer.

Set on 32 hectares of North American forest, it’s the ideal back-to-nature experience. And as the name suggests, the host promises fireflies in summer, worth it just for that.

It’s all timber inside and out but not rustic. There’s a private bathroom, hot water, kitchenette and weirdly, a remote-controlled, colour-changing hand basin. Who knows why?

There is a screened porch to keep the bugs at bay and a barbecue for cooking.

If the reviews are anything to go by, this is one not to miss.

A Auge River Eye, Tinn, Telemark, Norway

It’s a feast of nature at this Norwegian property.

Enjoy the stunning, sunny views over the rushing Tussengae River six metres below in summer or the calming quiet of snow during winter at this amazing rental.

The amenities are a bit more basic, with a composting toilet, basic bucket bath and instead of electricity there is a gas stove and candles, solar lamps and a solar phone charger, although we are not sure why as there is no wifi.

However, for enjoying a bit of life away from real life it’s hard to beat.

A connected outdoor terrace is fully screened and has a double bed if you are keen to get a bit closer to the great outdoors and there is a bath set into the riverbank below to take in the views while enjoying a steamy soak.

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Aura House, Bali, Indonesia

Get away from standard Bali in this eco bamboo house on the banks of the River Ayung.

As well as sweeping views of the surrounding jungle, the house has a kitchenette, pool, dining area and the bamboo interior blends seamlessly into the surrounds.

If that’s not enough bamboo for you, the hosts can organise bamboo craft-making workshops and tours, along with yoga sessions and massages.

It’s private but not isolated. As part of a larger complex, guests are welcome to enjoy the communal kitchen restaurant or meals can be delivered to the treehouse.

It does come with a bug warning, but you are in a jungle.

This is a very popular property and visitors should book well ahead.

Well priced at $292 per night for four people.

Canopy Treehouses, Tarzali, Queensland

With three accommodation options, Canopy Treehouses can cater to most needs.

And while the experienced hosts offer luxury treehouse accommodation, the surrounding bushland is the real star.

The treehouses are set in just over 40 hectares of pristine, ancient tropical rainforest for a holiday experience like no other.

The surrounding rainforest is a welcome anomaly in an area largely cleared for agriculture. In fact, it is so rare the CSIRO has used it for research since 1985.

And the wildlife loves it too. Visitors may see turtles, platypuses, wallabies and maybe even a cassowary as well as the abundant birdlife above.

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Treehouse San Jose, California, US

Looking for all the world like it was left plonked there after a flood, this sweet little property may make all your childhood dreams come true.

They took the treehouse theme seriously when this property was envisaged and visitors share living space with the massive tree trunks the house was built around.

A spiral staircase leads to the two-bedroom house with views over Silicon Valley via a 14-foot high deck during the day and all its twinkly lights at night.

Sleeping quarters are in the loft; there’s a dining area and kitchen and for more room to move there is an outdoor paved living and dining area below the house.

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