Melbourne is Australia’s most desired holiday destination – again

Melbourne has reclaimed its crown as Australia’s most desired holiday destination, according to Roy Morgan research.

This surge in popularity marks a remarkable resurgence for Melbourne as the city continues to progress from the constrained pandemic years of 2020-2022.

Melbourne was the favoured holiday location for Australians before the pandemic and, in line with the removal of the final mandatory isolation policies during the early phase of the December quarter in 2022, is once again the top attraction.

Around 2,797,000 Australian residents are looking forward to an overnight stay in the Victorian capital within the next two years. Around 500,000 Victorians also expressed their desire to spend at least a night in their home city within the span of two years.

Close to 2.3 million of those plotting a quick getaway to Melbourne will be travelling from other states, a higher number of interstate visitors than any other location.

While the results signify a favourable shift in travel attitudes for Melbourne, tourism numbers still have not caught up to pre-pandemic levels.

“Despite Melbourne resuming pole position, the desire to travel to the Victorian capital remains lower than pre-pandemic times when over four million Australians revealed they preferred to journey towards this southern capital within two years,” said Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine.

Following close behind Melbourne is Gold Coast, which managed to retain its second-place position despite barely keeping hold of its coveted status.

Around 2,728,000 Australians have expressed interest in visiting the coastal city in the next two years. Sydney follows by a whisker with a preference rate of 2,727,000, placing it third overall.

Rated fourth is Brisbane, with 1,991,000 Australians eager to spend at least a night in this blossoming city within the next two years. Hobart rounds out the top five with 1,943,000 Australians.

Which city would you rate as Australia’s most desired holiday destination?

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