Taking flight: Places to see in your 50s

destinations for over 50s

Looking for places to see in your 50s?

“Holidays for over-50s is a very different experience for many people,” says personal travel manager Mike Eacott. And he should know. Not only has he been helping people choose their own memorable holidays for decades, he’s also been to more than 70 countries himself.

“When you’re in your 50s, depending on your circumstances, holidays can be a mix between making family memories with your children (and even grandchildren), or being free from dependent children and finally travelling to destinations you’ve always dreamt of,” he says.

To cover all those potential bases, he’s put together some ideal destinations for 50+ travellers.

Family resort holidays

Fiji, Thailand and Queensland are always hot favourites for extended family groups travelling together, says Mr Eacott. “Each family having their own accommodation allows everyone to have their own private time, whilst joining the rest of the group for meals and leisure time.”

This type of no-stress holiday is the perfect way to catch up on a family celebration and can be as quiet or action-packed as you like, depending on whether you choose to laze near the pool or get out on some local day trips to see some wildlife and sample some local flavours.

Time for adventure

“Either an African safari or walking the Camino trail in Spain – it’s a perfect time of life to immerse yourself into culture and experiences,” he says. 

The most famous Camino de Santiago trail is the Camino Frances, which you might recognise from various books and movies that feature the famous pilgrimage, including Martin Sheen’s The Way.

The entire route is around 800 kilometres long and takes around five weeks to walk. (And think of all the places you’ll see along the journey …)

You can also choose to only walk the last 100 kilometres in around a week and you’ll still catch a lot of local culture (and tasty food)

Dreamy destinations

These are the places you’ve always wanted to visit, but you’ve put off earlier in life.

Israel, Jordan and Morocco are all popular.

In Jordan, you can explore ancient Greco-Roman ruins, see stunning desert landscapes, delight your tastebuds with spicy local meals or dip your body into the Dead Sea.

And if you make it to Morocco, the Ouzoud waterfalls are a must-see.

In Israel, the history of Jerusalem’s ancient limestone architecture is fascinating.


This destination offers extraordinary landscapes, complete with glaciers and amazing wildlife, including whale watching.

Depending on your interest in adventures, you can kayak, hike or snowshoe your way around the incredible scenery.

And even if you don’t want to spend in style with a cruise or expedition, taking a scenic flight across the icy vista is better than nothing. Just be sure to plan your seating properly so you can make the most of the views from the larger than normal windows.

Far-flung places

Take your pick. Think long-haul flights or the kinds of destinations you can only get to via a stream of connecting transport options. 

Machu Picchu fits the bill – especially considering the 20+-hour flight to Peru just for starters. Visiting the iconic 15th century Inca citadel can be done on a multi-day hike if you want an active experience, but there are other options if you don’t like long walks.

What’s your favourite holiday destination ever? Where are you planning to go next? Share your stories in the comments below.

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