Should we still go to Greece?

Paul is planning a trip to Greece but is concerned that possible strike action could affect his travel plans. He wants to know if he’s insured in such eventuality.

Q. Paul

We have a Greek holiday planned for April and would like to do some island hopping and travel internally. I know the economy is in a bit of disarray at the moment and someone has mentioned that strikes are planned. Will our holiday be affected and more importantly, will our travel insurance cover us for any delays?

A. The Greek economy, as you say, is certainly unstable and there is a swell in support for the current anti-austerity movement, which may or may not result in strikes. The advice on reads as follows:

Protests and demonstrations can occur in cities across Greece with little warning. Australians are advised to avoid all protests and demonstrations as they may turn violent. Areas in Athens that have been affected by demonstrations and riots include Syntagma Square, Monastiraki and Omonia.

Strikes affecting air, sea and rail transport, as well as taxi services happen regularly in Greece. If you are affected by transport disruptions, you should monitor the media, maintain contact with your airline, your travel agent and your insurer, and be prepared to change your travel plans.

Travel insurance is there to provide cover for unforseen events, therefore, any delays that occur due to unplanned strike action should be covered. You should, however, confirm with your travel insurer and, as advised by, keep in touch with your insurer while overseas should you need to change your travel plans.

Written by Debbie McTaggart

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