Travel SOS: Is there a way I can go on a tiny house holiday?

Steve has seen a documentary on tiny houses and wonders if they are a good holiday option.

Q. Steve
I recently watched a documentary on the tiny house movement and I was fascinated by the prospect of getting close to nature in a small, comfortable setting. Is it possible to holiday in a tiny house in Australia? And is this a good option for getting close to nature.

A. While the tiny house movement started off in America, it has become somewhat of an international trend and there are options for tiny house holidays across Australia.

In fact, there are hills along Victoria’s scenic Great Ocean Road, incorporating the world’s first master-planned, ecological, off-grid, tiny home subdivision, that offer some of the best tiny holiday houses available.

For the benefit of those who don’t know about the tiny house movement, it is an architectural and social philosophy that advocates living simply in small, affordable and eco-friendly homes.

Because the houses are so small (tiny houses are moveable dwellings up to 50 square metres, according to the official definition provided by the Australian Tiny House Association), they can be built off the beaten path and allow owners to be immersed in nature.

As for it being a good holiday option, there are some tiny house in some amazing destinations around Australia and the prices are incredibly cheap (prices from as low as $159 per night) compared to most other holiday accommodation you will find in these areas, especially renting a normal-sized house.

There is a website – devoted to this fledgling movement in Australia – that deals exclusively in tiny house holidays, called, which features houses in New South Wales and Victoria, where the majority of these options are available.

Tiny Real Estate lists the following destinations as the best eight tiny house holidays in Australia.

1. Braidwood, NSW

2. Southern Highlands, NSW

3. Tallarook, Victoria

4. Shoalhaven, NSW

5. Picton, NSW

6. Lilydale, Tasmania

7. Agnes Banks, NSW

8. Lithgow, NSW

Have you heard of the tiny house movement? Would you consider a tiny house holiday?

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