Where to go for the best night’s sleep

Canberra is without doubt a beautiful city. World-class museums and galleries, home of the Australian Barista Champions for years running and some darn fine food and beer producers make the city an ideal stop for a short or long break.

And while its ‘buzzing’ nightlife may not exactly be a major drawcard the nation’s capital has topped the list as the world’s best city for sleep.

Lenstore researchers analysed 36 capital cities around the globe to determine which ones provided the best and worst environments for a good night’s rest.

The rankings were based on several criteria, including noise levels, light pollution, air quality, climate, and how many hours the average resident works per week.

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Canberra received a sleep score of 80.82 out of a hundred, ranking highly on low levels of light pollution, good air quality, and the good mental health of the population.

Canberra ranked first in terms of noise and light pollution, and second in air quality to Bern, Switzerland.

“Known for its warm temperatures, Canberra, Australia, takes the top spot in this analysis as the best city for a good night’s sleep. The Aussie capital ranks best of all locations for its lowest amount of night lights and noise pollution, which has a score of 80.82/100,” explains the report by Lenstore.

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“This is over double compared to the likes of Mexico City with a score of just 35.65/100. The air quality in Canberra is also the third best in the world, second only to Wellington, New Zealand, and Bern in Switzerland.”

Vienna came second, thanks to low noise levels, while Luxembourg City, with just 7.6 per cent of its residents working more than 48 hours per week, came third.

In fourth, Jerusalem has the ideal climate for sleep with the closest temperature to the ideal (19.2°C compared with 18.3°C) and the lowest humidity, followed by Tokyo in fifth.

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The US capital Washington D.C. came last, with the worst light pollution of any capital city in the world. Santiago, Chile, and San José, Costa Rica, are also places to avoid if you value shut-eye on holiday.

The 10 capital cities with the best sleep conditions are:

  1. Canberra, Australia
  2. Vienna, Austria
  3. Luxembourg, Luxembourg
  4. Jerusalem, Israel
  5. Tokyo, Japan
  6. Vilnius, Lithuania
  7. Bern, Switzerland
  8. Copenhagen, Denmark
  9. Lisbon, Portugal
  10. Stockholm, Sweden

The 10 capital cities with the worst sleep conditions are:

  1. Washington, D.C., United States
  2. Santiago, Chile
  3. San José, Costa Rica
  4. Warsaw, Poland
  5. Bogotá, Colombia
  6. Budapest, Hungary
  7. Paris, France
  8. Brussels, Belgium
  9. Rome, Italy
  10. London, England

Have you visited any of these cities? How did you sleep? Why not share with our members in the comments section below?

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