World’s rudest place names

We’re all kids at heart, and to prove it, here are the rudest destinations from around the world.

You’ll find Effin in Limerick Ireland, a beautiful destination despite its name. Just be careful when asking locals for directions, ‘where’s the Effin stone circle?’ and ‘where’s the Effin garden?’ may not go down too well.  

Indonesia, France and the Philippines all have Anuses. Mexico houses Poop, Albania is home to Crap and Poo is a region in northern Spain. Pennsylvania is the home of Intercourse and Australia has its own Intercourse Island off the coast of WA.

When translated, ‘Mount of the Puma’ in Peru/Bolivia sounds fearsome. Yet when pronounced in local tongue, Lake Titicaca doesn’t have the same impressive ring to it.

Some of the world’s rudest place names are a little closer to home. Pleasure point, Bobbin Head and Rooty Hill are all suburbs in Sydney. Burrumbuttock in NSW, Victoria’s Tittybong and Tasmania’s Pisspot Creek and Misery Knob have to be high on the list. Come to speak of it, Australia does seem to be full of knobs. We’ve got a Peculiar Knob, a Prominent Knob, a Delicate Nobby and even a whopping Six Mile Knob.

At the base of the Fakfak mountains of New Guinea lies the Fakfak Peninsula. Just don’t forget that it’s a long ‘a’, so it sounds more like a ‘u’ when pronounced.

There are several Bums and Diks scattered across Africa, and the Ukraine has an Ass. There are two Tits in Algeria alone, and Newfoundland has a Dildo island. And don’t forget the majestic sounding Vilapene in Galicia, Spain, which translates to Penisville.

Don’t give yourself a hard time about your silly sense of humour, it turns out that ‘oh so sensible’ political elites find rude names just as funny as we do. Watch these politicians from Ghana laugh themselves silly when naughty town names are read aloud in parliament. These towns including Kote ye Aboa, which translates to ‘Penis is a fool’, Etwe nim Nyansa, meaning ‘Vagina is Wise’, and Shua ye Morbor, meaning ‘Testicles are Sad’ have to be a few of my all-time favourites.

Did we forget any funny place names? Let us know in the comment section below.

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